11 Names Inspired by Disney Mothers

We are huge Disney movie lovers in our family. Now that my girls are a little bit older and can actually sit through a movie, we watch them often. Disney movies are filled with so many unique and pretty names that I have fallen in love with.

With Mother’s Day this weekend, I thought I would honor some of the mothers in these Disney films that we all love. Check out some of my favorite names of the mother characters in Disney films.

  • Athena


    Athena was the mother to Ariel in The Little Mermaid. Although we never see her in the film, she is said to have a beautiful singing voice just like Ariel.

  • Coral


    Coral was the mother to Nemo in Finding Nemo. Nemo never met his mother, but the movie shows how deeply loved and missed she was by Nemo’s father.

  • Elinor


    Queen Elinor is the mother to Merida. Elinor plays a major role in the film, Brave, which shows an amazing bond between mother and daughter.

  • Eudora


    Eudora was the mother to Tiana in the Disney film, The Princess and the Frog. She was voiced by Oprah Winfrey in the film. Eudora is a Greek name meaning generous gift.

  • Hera


    Hera is Hercules’ mother in the film, Hercules. She is the Greek goddess of women and marriage. Her name mean protectress.

  • Leah


    Although she is never named in the movie, Queen Leah is the mother to Aurora in the film, Sleeping Beauty.

  • Mary


    Mary Darling is the mother of Wendy, John, and Michael of the movie, Peter Pan.

  • Perdita


    A Latin name meaning, lost, Perdita was the mother of the dalmations in One Hundred and One Dalmations.

  • Sarabi


    Sarabi is Simba’s mothers name in The Lion King. It is a Swahili name meaning mirage.

  • Sarafina


    Sarafina was the mother to Nala in the movie the Lion King. Sarafina is a name that means fiery.

  • Winifred


    Winifred Banks is the mother to Jane and Michael Banks in the film, Mary Poppins. Winifred is a Welsh name meaning blessed peacemaking.

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