11 Mom Hacks to Help You on Crazy-Busy Days

I’ve definitely had a lot of crazy-busy days lately, and it seems like my list of things to do grows and grows by the second. In between doing the dishes, changing diapers, folding clothes, reading to the kids, paying bills online, and every other thing a mom has to do in her day, I sometimes get overwhelmed. But, I’ve found that some simple mom hacks can really make my day go much smoother, so I wanted to share them with you!

Here are some helpful mom hacks to get you through your days.

1. Don’t have time to do your hair? Throw some baby powder on the roots to soak up oil and throw it up into a messy bun. :) Or pull it loosely half back. (Yes, a good dry shampoo would work, but as a blonde, I think baby powder works just as great and it doubles for myself and baby!)

2. I finally got my toddler to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches by purchasing a Mickey Mouse sandwich cutter! Peanut butter is a great source of protein and whole wheat bread supplies fiber. Plus sandwiches are so easy to make!

3. Haven’t purchased baby locks for those lower kitchen cabinets yet? As a quick fix: Twist a thick hair tie around the two knobs. They may still open a tiny bit but the baby won’t be able to reach in and pull things out.

mom hacks

4. Avoid slamming those tiny fingers in the doors of your home! Get a pool noodle, cut about 6 inches off the noodle, and then cut a slit down it lengthwise. (I used a bread knife to cut the pool noodle and it made it so easy!) Then put it around the door, and voila!
(photo at right)

5. Have a baby who just can’t seem to get the crawling thing down? Check out this adorable Minnie Mouse crawling toy. Not only is it cute, but it shows your little one the movement of crawling while drawing their attention.

6. Keep those cereal puff containers! We kept 10 of ours and the boys use them as bowling pins! And they’re great to use for different snacks on road trips or flights.

7. This one is random, but I learned it from my mother-in-law and haven’t swayed from it since then! When cutting an onion, light a candle and put it on the edge of (or right next to) the cutting board. This will keep your eyes from filling with tears. And if you forget the candle: Once your eyes start to burn, stick your head in the freezer and find a spot where cool air is blowing. Open your eyes wide and let them cool down quickly. :)

8. Any time I give my little dudes a Popsicle, I take a paper towel, roll it up about an inch in width, and wrap the stick that the bottom. This keeps its from dripping all down their arm! And it helps when you have them eat it outside! Sometimes we even make our own with our favorite juice poured into a Popsicle mold.

9. Keep one clean sippy cup per child in the car at all times. This way, you will always have a cup to take in the restaurant with you and avoid those accidental spills. (If you’re anything like me, you can’t stand that the kids’ cups at restaurants always spill when your little one is learning to use a straw.)

10. Always keep two soft blankets in the car. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pulled up to the grocery store and had a baby who just fell asleep. I make him a makeshift bed in the seat section of the cart and lay him in it so he can continue napping while I push the cart.

11. Can’t get your kiddos to eat fruits and veggies? Try making muffins and sneak some banana, carrot, or strawberry in there. I even told my little guys they were cupcakes! Hey, whatever works right?!

I love shortcuts and little “mom hacks” that make life a little easier in the beautiful chaos of being a mommy, so these have definitely helped me along the way! I sure hope they help you too!

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