11 Foods My 11-Month-Old Loves

At 11 months old, Lola isn’t as chunky as she used to be, but she continues to be a healthy eater. Occasionally she still eats pureed foods but her preference is to eat foods with more texture — foods she can chew and pick up herself. Here are some of the foods my 11-month-old loves to eat:

  1. Blueberries – Lola loves eating blueberries. It’s one of her favorite fruits.
  2. Watermelon – She loves snacking on sweet pieces of melon. If it isn’t sweet, she isn’t a fan.
  3. Grilled chicken breast – Once we gave her boiled chicken and she did not like it.
  4. Pita bread – Small pieces of whole wheat pita bread are a yummy and easy-to-eat treat.
  5. String cheese – Tiny pieces of mozzarella cheese almost always make her feet wiggle with glee.
  6. Green beans – Lola enjoys eating green beans.
  7. Black beans – Lola loves black beans. When cooked long enough they are soft to chew and easy to pick up.
  8. Cheerios – A snack that has stood the test of time; these are a great snack for when we are on the go.
  9. Avocado – Lola loves eating avocado!
  10. Bananas – Bananas are her other favorite fruit. When she spots one of us with one, she starts squealing!
  11. Pasta – Lola loves pasta. Although she can’t quite eat it by herself, her favorite pastas are macaroni and cheese and spaghetti with ground turkey.

These aren’t the only foods we give her but these are her favorites. As we continue trying new foods it will be fun to see which foods will make our little Lola dance with glee in her highchair, and which foods will make her turn her head and frown. What are some of your little one’s favorite foods?

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