11 Adorable and Useful Baby Shower Crafts for Guests to Make

Baby showers are such an exciting event for the mother-to-be and her closest friends and family. It’s a wonderful time to celebrate motherhood and new babies. Baby showers typically consist of food, games, and opening presents. Consider trying something new and give your guests a craft activity that will be useful for the new baby or contribute to the nursery’s design. It gives your friends and family a chance to present the new baby with something heartfelt, handmade, and sentimental. Guests will be able release their creative sides in a fun and useful way. The simple projects will live on long after the baby word search sheets and toilet paper diapers have been recycled.

  • Baby Shower Crafts Guests Make

    Baby Shower Crafts Guests Make

    Add a craft to your baby shower to allow your guests to help create something beautiful and useful for your bundle of joy. Click through to find your favorite project.

  • Make a Mobile

    Set out supplies for guests to create a mobile to hang in Baby’s nursery. Possibilities include small cardboard ornaments, origami shapes, pinwheels, etc.

    Be sure to hang the mobile out of Baby’s reach and to remove it from above the crib completely when your little one is able to stand.

    Photo credit and more details from On To Baby

  • Hoop Art

    Everyone loves hoop art and a grouping looks amazing in nurseries. Give guests fabrics and notions in your nursery’s preferred color scheme and let them create beautiful pieces you’ll cherish forever.

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  • Headband

    Expecting a little princess? A princess needs a crown, or at least a lot of headbands! A headband station is a very fun and feminine way to add girly details to your baby shower. Your little girl will be set for hair accessories for a good long time.

    Photo credit and more details from I Heart Naptime

  • Decorate a Onesie

    Babies and onesies go together like peanut butter and jelly. They offer extra warmth or work great alone. Offer onesies in a variety of sizes with lots of fun craft supplies, fabric, and notions for guests to make onesies that Baby will sport all year long.

    Photo credit and more details from Ali's African Adventures

  • Decorate a Bib

    Baby’s first meal will be even more special when they’re donning a crib created by Grandma or your BFF. Bibs are totally useful and get a sentimental kick when decorated by your loved ones. Feeds the body and the soul.

    Photo credit and more details by Elizabeth & Co.

  • Button Monogram

    Have a beloved button collection? Have guests use those buttons to create a custom and one of a kind monogram that Baby will always treasure.

    Photo credit and more details from Home With Mandy

  • Bunting

    Buntings, garlands, and pennants…oh my! They’re adorable, festive, and make great nursery decor. Precut flags gets adorned by guests in an adorable and creative way. Reuse the bunting as a decoration for Baby’s first birthday.

    Photo credit and more details from Crafternoon Delight

  • Baby Hangers

    Your new little bundle will have a bundle of new clothes. Give guests plain hangers to decorate according to your nursery’s theme and color palette. Hey, even the closet deserves some attention to detail!

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  • Baby Blocks

    These classic baby toys become personal and sentimental when custom created for your little one by it’s loved ones. Patterned papers, stickers, and paints or markers give guests a chance to decorate with a good mix of mediums.

    Be sure to seal the decorated blocks with something that is non-toxic and durable. Those blocks will end up in your baby’s mouth!

    Photo credit and more details from Preparing for Peanut

  • Alphabet Letter Wall

    A, B, C… Adorable Baby Craft! Alphabet walls are awesome educational tools and make a great graphic statement in a nursery. Get together around a large table filled with unfinished wooden letters and paints in your nursery’s color scheme, to decorate with your friends and family.

    It’s a great time for your loved ones to run you through the ABCs of motherhood. Uh-oh, S is for sleep-deprivation!

    Photo credit and more details by Living Savvy

  • Alphabet Book

    Another great alphabet option is a custom alphabet book.

    Guests are provided with plain pages for each letter and encouraged to add their own personal take on the letter. The result is truly custom and special for your baby. Also works great as a guest book alternative!

    Photo credit and more details by Lil Mop Top

Which baby shower craft do you hope will be at your event?

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