10 Ways To Keep Toddlers Busy Indoors

Well the weather outside might be frightful, but these 10 ideas for keeping your little ones entertained indoors are sure delightful! These brilliant ideas from Teaching Mama are sure to keep your little ones happy and their brains engaged! Try one out when you can’t make it outside this fall! And for 10 more ideas hop over to Teaching Mama and see all the fun options she has shared!

  • Keep Your Little Ones Busy Indoors With These 10 Great Ideas!

    Thanks so much to Teaching Mama for her brilliant roundup of ideas for keeping little ones busy indoors! Click through for 10 great ideas and then head over to Teaching Mama for 10 MORE ideas!

    Teaching Mama

  • Sensory Finger Painting in Bags

    I just LOVE this idea. It’s got all the best elements: touch, sight, and it’s CLEAN! HAHA! Paint in big plastic bags and taped to the window lets little ones create fun designs without any mess.

    Teaching Mama

  • Contact Paper Art

    Contact paper taped down to a flat surface is a great option. Give your little ones small, soft materials to stick or go outside for a minute and collect some pieces of nature to use!

    Teaching Mama

  • Pom Pom Shoot

    Use gravity and some simple household items to create this fun game. Toddlers can drop little poms through the tube and watch them fall into the bowl or bucket.

    Teaching Mama

  • Color Matching Games

    This game may take some introducing before they can play it on their own but use little brightly colored poms and let your child “sort” them by color!

    Teaching Mama

  • Fabric Scrap Box Game

    Upcycle an old wipe box for a fun game of pulling fabric scraps in and out. Pick different colors and patterns of fabric or even just use old tshirts!

    Teaching Mama

  • Race Track Game

    Use tape to map out a track on the floor for your little one to use like a race track!

    Teaching Mama

  • Pipe Cleaner Structures

    Have your little ones work on their fine motor skills and create art sculptures with pipe cleaners and an upside colander. It’s so brilliant because it’s so simple!

    Teaching Mama

  • Sorting Cotton Balls

    A quiet game, have them sort cotton balls. If they start to get bored show them how to rip the cotton apart for some (messy) fun. ;)

    Teaching Mama

  • Sensory Balloon Bugs

    So fun! Fill balloons with different materials like sand or beans and draw little buggy details on them. Let your little ones squeeze and feel the different textures while also playing with the “bugs”

    To see 10 MORE ideas, head over to Teaching Mama by clicking the link below.

    Teaching Mama


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