10 Unexpected Perks of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful blessing (you’re growing a tiny human!) but it’s also super exhausting to do so while chasing around a toddler and working from home.


So, in order to boost my spirits, I decided to take the time to focus on the positives — also known as the lovely, unexpected “per10 Unexpected Pregnancy Perksks” of pregnancy. Yes, I promise, there really are some!

1. Hair growth can slow

Now, this doesn’t happen for everyone, but it does for me! During my final trimester of pregnancy, my hair growth slows to a near standstill, which means less shaving. A definite perk, since it’s not always so easy contorting my pregnant body to shave these days!

2. People are so nice!

People are generally nicer and friendlier when they notice you’re pregnant. Strangers will open up doors for you and chat you up like never before. It’s like everyone wants to be a part of the tiny everyday miracle that’s happening and I find it really sweet.

3. Beauty benefits

Thanks to prenatal vitamins and hormones, pregnancy can be a time when your nails get stronger and grow more quickly and when your hair is shiny and healthy.  In addition to that, some people also notice a visible difference in their skin in the form of a lovely glow!

4. You’re growing a tiny little miracle

Seriously…how cool is it that your body can grow a human? Pregnancy can be defeating some days, but when I really stop to think about the beautiful thing that my body is doing, it kind of blows me away.

5. Getting to cut in the line for public restrooms

When people see a pregnant belly at the end of a long line in a public restroom, they suddenly find empathy and pretty much force you to cut in line. Anyone who’s been pregnant and had a baby sit on their bladder for three trimesters can totally relate and they are more than happy to let you use the restroom ahead of them.

6. Your own personal scapegoat

Now, I’m not saying that pregnancy should be used as an excuse for all things, but it’s definitely nice to have a scapegoat from time to time. If I’m feeling too overwhelmed at the prospect of attending a party? “Oh sorry we’re going to have to miss the party. I’m just feeling so exhausted. This pregnancy has been so tiring!” Most of the time these are at least half truths anyway.

7. Elastic waistbands

I cannot tell you how much I love a good elastic waistband. I died a little inside when I had to go back to pants with buttons after my first pregnancy. I’m totally enjoying every moment of elastic waistband magic this time around.

8. Cravings feel more justified

Not that pregnancy should be an excuse to indulge in chocolate muffins all day or anything, but sometimes those cravings just feel a little more justified when you’re “eating for two.”

9. Body image boost

My body image actually improved after having a baby, which totally surprised me. I’ve always struggled with body image, but after having my daughter, I found myself so much more appreciative of my body for what it could do and the strength that it had. I also found myself feeling much happier with my body knowing how big it had actually gotten and one point and feeling thankful that even if I wasn’t able to fit in my pre-pregnancy jeans, at least I wasn’t the same size that I was at 9 months pregnant!

10. More motivation

Pregnancy is a great time to find more motivation. Getting extra sleep, eating those veggies you don’t love and fitting in a couple of sessions a week at the gym is every-so-slightly easier when you know you’re doing it not just for yourself, but for the good of the little baby you’re helping to grow.

What are some of the unexpected perks of pregnancy that you’ve experienced?

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