10 Totally Cliché Parenting Things I’ve Done

When you’re not a parent and you hear about some of the things parents do, you think “I will NEVER do that.”

But then you have your own child and … you do many of those things. It’s just hard to resist, sometimes.

Going to the beach with a baby

These eight are my most common cliche parenting moments:

  1. Gone in to look at my sleeping children and gotten teary over how fast they’re growing up. I cannot believe I have a four-year-old – I think she was just born last month!
  2. Hid in the bathroom. Sometimes, five minutes in the bathroom is just what you need to get through an afternoon.
  3. Put my children to bed after a long day and then looked at pictures of them. You’d think I want to do anything BUT look at pictures of them after being with them all day, but somehow, I can’t get enough.
  4. Put them to bed an hour before bedtime. Let me tell you, I’m in no hurry for my children to learn to tell time.
  5. Told my children they couldn’t have dessert and then eaten ice cream once they were in bed. Why does ice cream taste a little better when all the children are asleep in bed?
  6. Been SURE I couldn’t love a second child as much as my first. But, then, just like everyone else, I really do love the second just as much!
  7. Gone on a date with my husband and spent the whole time talking about kids. Mostly about how cute they are and how much we love them.
  8. Let my child keep their pacifier for years. My oldest daughter didn’t get rid of hers until she was three and a half. Pre-parenthood, I would have been horrified, but as a parent, I really really liked my sleep.
  9. Eaten food off my baby’s plate. Before I had kids, this seemed so gross. Now, it just seems like not wasting.
  10. Kissed a smashed finger or bumped head better. Apparently I have the mother magic, and I love it.
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