10 Tips & Tricks for Surviving Wedding Season with a Baby in Tow

Wedding Season is officially here! This time of year, calendars quickly fill up with wedding after wedding after wedding. While I love going to weddings, I know they can be particularly challenging when a baby is in the picture – especially the ones out of town. Last weekend we traveled out of town with our girls for a wedding and it was quite the adventure! While it certainly may be easier to leave your little one at home, that’s not always an option. Today, some of my mama friends and I share our tips & tricks for surviving wedding season with a baby in tow..

  • Tip 1:

    First off, make sure your little one is invited. If your invitation was addressed to just you, chances are littles aren’t welcome. If you are uncertain, always ask the bride to be sure.

    Photo and advice from Michelle Horton

  • Tip 2:

    If you can, leave your little one with family or a sitter during the ceremony, then pick them up for the reception! (This is especially great for daytime weddings!)

    Advice and photo from Lauren Hartmann

  • Tip 3:

    It’s true there’s nothing cuter than a little one in wedding attire, but don’t let them steal the show. The day belongs to the bride and groom!

    Advice and photo from Amy Heinz

  • Tip 4:

    Tip 4:

    This one is from my personal experience. My little one looked ADORABLE in her fancy white dress, but it was pretty uncomfortable and itchy. I wish I would have packed a change of clothes for later in the night.

  • Tip 5:

    This one is a no-brainer! Make sure to bring a bag of goodies for your little one – perhaps a few books or quiet, soft toys. Snacks can keep a little one entertained, too!

    Photo from Lauren Hartmann

  • Tip 6:

    Make sure to sit someplace where you can easily escape. Towards the back and on an aisle is usually the best bet!

    Photo from Lauren Hartmann

  • Tip 7:

    Tip 7:

    If your little one is old enough to eat cake, by all means, let them! This can be the saving grace towards the end of a long day.

  • Tip 8:

    Little ones have a hard time sitting through the ceremony and the dinner, but goodness, they shine on the dance floor! If you can make it to the dance, do! Your little one will have a blast…

    Photo and advice from Michelle Horton

  • Tip 9:

    With a little one, just make sure you are always thinking one step ahead. Have an exit strategy should you need to leave in a hurry, plan on sneaking in a nap on the car ride from the ceremony to the reception, bring a stroller or carrier for the baby if there will not be a high chair, etc. The more prepared you are, the better!

    Photo and advice from Kristel Acevedo

  • Tip 10:

    Most importantly, be understanding. You are asking a lot of your little one to be able to sit through a wedding and reception. If you have to leave a little early to meet your baby’s needs, don’t fret.

    Photo from Kristel Acevedo

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