9 Tips for Dressing a Newborn

With a new baby on the horizon for our family, I’m back in newborn/infant mode when it comes to purchasing gear and clothing. Last weekend, I spent a good chunk of time digging out all of my daughter’s baby clothes to see which ones would work for our little man, and was reminded of all of my favorite newborn staples… those items that were totally invaluable to my husband and I as parents.

So, I thought I’d share my favorite tips for dressing a newborn. Feel free to share any items you’d add to the list in the comments!

  • 1. Gowns

    1. Gowns

    In those early days, gowns will be your best friend. They make for super easy middle-of-the-night diaper changes without a fuss. My daughter lived in these, and I fully intend on using them again once my son arrives.

  • 2. Zippers

    2. Zippers

    Next to gowns, zippers are the most practical option for newborns. They are so much easier than fumbling with snaps in a dark nursery when you have to do an outfit change. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve snapped up sleepers incorrectly. Zippers save so many headaches!

  • 3. Pick Easy to Clean Colors

    Babies make messes: It’s science. Make cleanup easier for yourself by stocking up on pieces that are either dark enough to hide stains or bright white and easy to bleach. You’ll be doing a lot of laundry, my friend.

    See this romper

  • 4. Choose Comfortable Fabrics

    4. Choose Comfortable Fabrics

    Comfort is key. Stick with cottons and cozy knits that won’t irritate your baby’s skin, and that will breathe well to help regulate Baby’s temperature.

  • 5. Try Tights Under Bodysuits

    5. Try Tights Under Bodysuits

    Baby socks were practically impossible for us to find in the perfect fit, and even then they often fell off or got lost in the wash. A simple solution for us? Skip the pants and socks combo, and go for leggings underneath your baby’s bodysuits. It eliminates the need for socks altogether!

  • 7. Choose a Few Special Outfits

    6. Choose a Few Special Outfits

    For the most part, your newborn will live in cozy comfort, but feel free to have a couple of special outfits for holidays and the like. It’s always fun to play dress-up with Baby!

  • 7. Add Interest with Accessories

    While the rest of your newborn’s ensembles might be simple, don’t be afraid to add interest with accessories. Hats, socks, and even blankets become instant style statements for tiny newborns.

    See this cap & bootie set

  • 8. Choose Soft Crib Shoes

    I know newborn shoes are pretty much the most adorable thing on the planet, but try not to go too crazy buying every pair you see. Baby feet are unpredictable in size and make shoe shopping tricky. My daughter’s feet were too skinny for any shoes until well after she was three months, and one of my friends had a little boy whose feet were so chubby he couldn’t wear shoes until around a year! Soft crib shoes are the best option.

    See these crib shoes

  • 10. Keep It Simple

    9. Keep It Simple

    Dressing your baby can be a lot of fun, but above all, be sure to keep things simple and comfortable. It will make you and Baby much happier!

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