10 Tips from a Pro on How to Take the Perfect Holiday Card Photo

Looking to snap that perfect holiday card photo but don’t have time to book a photographer? Well, I am bringing her to you. Virtually. Meet Kim Flores. She’s the lovely photographer of Whimsy Baby Photo and a well-known newborn photographer who specializes in capturing those Anne Geddes-type photo sessions. But she doesn’t just specialize in newborns — Kim spends tons of time behind the lens snapping babies and their siblings. And, she has lots of practice with five littles of her own!

Shooting a family holiday card can be a difficult and a frustrating process. (Believe me, with five littles, I couldn’t do it without Kim.) But with a few at home tips right from the number one gal herself, you can bet you will have the perfect holiday card photo.

Here are 10 tips from one amazing photographer when it comes to shooting with siblings and capturing that perfect photo!

  • Need to photograph your own family for the holidays?

    Need to photograph your own family for the holidays?

    Grab a blanket, tripod and use the self timer on your camera. Place yourself with fall color in the background, and open sky in front. It may take several attempts, but keep trying! If you are savvy with your camera, you can always purchase a remote to click the shutter and control your camera while you sit posed.

  • Tricky Young Siblings

    Tricky Young Siblings

    Young siblings can be tricky to keep in a pose together without losing their attention. A helpful trick is placing the younger child in a basket surrounded by beautiful leaves or long grass. This allows you free hands to coax the older, more active sibling to get near the basket! If you sit back and watch, you may even capture some natural interaction.

  • What to Wear

    What to Wear

    When choosing your outfits, remember that layers work great outdoors during the fall. Choose chunky sweaters, and textured bottoms. Mix and match the colors within the family.

  •  A Great Prop

    A Great Prop

    Keep them close and comfortable with a medium sized chair. Choose a chair with colors to complement their clothing. This is also great for keeping them on the same focal plane.

  • Encourage Interaction

    Encourage Interaction

    For large groups of siblings, one great pose is to lay them in the grass or leaves, and capture several different angles! Encourage them to snuggle, giggle, and maybe even tickle each other. Photograph them from behind, and above for variation.

  • Favorite Position

    Favorite Position

    A fun prop grabs the kids’ attention! My current favorite prop for siblings is a good old wagon. Puts them at just the right position for a hug! The children love it.

  • Be Silly

    Be Silly

    Yet another shot of my own girls. I chose several of their own images as they have been my biggest challenges as far as sibling portraits go! In this particular shot, we posed them closely with a nice background. As I shot, my husband stood behind me, making faces behind my back and giving me bunny ears! So grab some help when photographing your children for their holiday card, and don’t be too proud to let them give you bunny ears.

  • The Classic Wash Tub

    The Classic Wash Tub

    Another great posing tool for several children…. the wash tub! Beneath the two older girls is a basic silver wash tub, found at any home improvement store. Perfect for sitting on, or even standing, and the kids love it. With this shot, I sat the two older girls on top, placed the baby in the older one’s lap, and the toddler stood behind as there was room on the tub. Aren’t the models adorable? They’re my girls!

  • Nose Kisses

    Nose Kisses

    Tickle time! No better way to capture natural expressions and laughter than tickling the kids when your family is posed for the picture. My favorite family image involves natural interaction with only minimal posing. “Nose kisses” are always great to bring the kids together.

  • Call in a Pro

    Call in a Pro

    What is my number one tip for capturing the BEST family or sibling portrait this holiday season? Call in a pro. I’m not just saying that because I am a professional photographer. I myself hire a photographer to capture my own family, because it’s ALWAYS easier to have someone photograph you! A less stressed mom makes for a better family portrait!

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