10 Things We Are Doing As a Family to Prepare for Spring

Spring is in the air, and my family is getting ready!


This spring will be especially wonderful because our little Jada bear was barely crawling last spring. Now she is walking and running and excited about everything new. This is her first opportunity to truly soak in what springtime means and what makes it so amazing. From tulips to rain showers to wondrous butterflies—I want her to experience all of it.

One of the many things we love about spring is that it always feels like this perfect opportunity to start anew. Spring is about growth and beauty, just like our beautiful babies. When spring is here we feel a warm breeze and all is right with the world—even if just for a moment.

So as my family gets ready to put away the winter gear and throw on our rain boots, here are a few other things we plan to do to prepare for springtime.

Clean out closets and drawers. As Jada grows, I open her closet and see beautiful dresses that no longer fit (but I want to keep because they are so cute). We are using the new season as a reason to clean out everything that doesn’t fit or just won’t be suitable in warmer weather. Springtime is the perfect time to make room for the new outfits and cleaning out our closets does just that.

Donate clothes and toys. In addition to cleaning out closets and drawers, we will definitely be going through our playroom as well. Once we are done, it’s time to help others. If something is full of stains or broken, it’s time to trash it. But if it’s in great condition, we’ll all be taking a trip together to make a donation.

Plant a small garden. Jada and her brother both love plants and dirt, so we are going to plant a mini garden together. I’ll admit that I don’t have much of a green thumb, so it will be a tiny indoor garden with herbs. Even so, I know my kids will enjoy setting things up and watching the herbs grow. And, of course, I will enjoy cooking with them (we all love fresh basil).

Create a winter photo album. We don’t want to move into spring without giving winter a proper farewell. That’s why we’ve decided to gather all of our family pictures from the winter months and create an album. Sure, we are ready for winter to be over, but boy did we have a lot of fun.

Make a bird feeder. Thanks to my son’s new obsession with birds, we’ve decided to make it a family obsession and make a bird feeder this year. It won’t be fancy but the little ones will have fun making it and even more fun watching the little birdies come to visit.

Shop for rain gear. This spring, Jada will get her very first pair of rain boots. I am so excited. I need a raincoat myself (I just can’t manage an umbrella with two kids). Shopping for rain gear is definitely a family affair this year.

Create springtime décor. I am not the craftiest mom on earth, but thankfully these little munchkins don’t expect perfection. We are going to buy supplies soon and create a few items to decorate their rooms and our home for spring. I am especially excited about making door hangers and a wreath for our front door (I hope they are excited too).

Read spring-themed books. We love to read. I want my kids to be as nerdy as I am when they grow up. That said, we are going to the library to get a few spring-themed books to help the kids understand more about the change in weather, how flowers bloom, and all things spring. We can’t wait.

Plan a road trip. Springtime is the perfect time for a family road trip. We have Charlotte, NC and New York City on our list. Wherever you go, take lots of pictures and have a blast. There is nothing like hitting the roads when the weather is just right.

Create an outdoor games box. Once the weather warms up, the kids will want to go outside more often. Jada has yet to truly experience sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and so many fun and simple outdoor activities. We are putting together a box that we will keep in the garage for easy access, and it will include a ton of fun activities for some simple outdoor fun!


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