10 Things That Hayden Loves at 10 Months Old

Our baby is 10 months old! How did time fly by so fast? With two other big kids to keep us running around and busy, time has gone by especially fast. To help me remember as much as I can about my sweet baby boy at this age and stage, I made a list of 10 things Hayden loves, at 10 months old! How about your baby? Are some of your baby’s faves on this list, or is it another entirely different list of things?
– He loves to SWING! When we last put him in a swing two months ago, he wasn’t too sure at all! But just two months later, he couldn’t love it more. He loves it so much in fact, that we just installed a swing in our backyard last night, and we anticipate many hours of swinging fun!

– He loves to clap. “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands” is one of his favorite songs and gets him laughing faster than anything.


– He loves to play “SO BIG!” when we ask him how big Hayden is, he proudly reaches up his arms past his head and laughs!

– He loves to hear things shake. He has a set of balls that have little beads and balls in them and he sits there shaking them in both hands for 30 minutes at a time.

– He loves to eat again. After a few weeks of feeding woes, he is loving eating again and trying new foods.

– He loves to be held and is his favorite thing in the world. Any bit of crying and fussing is immediately stopped once he’s picked up.

– He loves to wiggle waggle. It’s a little game we play where we start to dance and then ask him to wiggle waggle, and he starts to move back and forth from side to side. It’s the cutest thing to watch!

– He loves music and singing. It doesn’t matter what crazy song I make up, if I’m singing to him he’s soothed and happy. And when he hears music playing he usually starts wiggling and waggling.

– He loves to copy us. When we talk, he tries to talk back and makes little grunting sounds to the same tune we’re talking.

– He loves to chew on anything he shouldn’t. Remotes, cell phones, pretty much anything electrical in fact, glasses, cups, spoons. All the things he should stay away from or are intended for a different purpose, he tries to chew with wild abandon, so our hands are usually very busy trying to keep things out of his hands!

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