10 Things Pregnant Women Do Better

Pregnancy has its downs, for sure, but there are plenty of silver linings to get you through the 9 months.

In fact, there are certain things that pregnant women do better than anyone else. Pregnancy perks, if you will.

Here are 10 things that pregnant women do better…

  • Pregnant Women Do It Better...

    Pregnant Women Do It Better...

    Pregnancy isn’t all morning sickness and aching hips. You actually have quite a few advantages as a pregnant woman…

  • Command a Room

    Command a Room

    People tend to gravitate toward pregnant women — whether it’s the maternal aura or simply the belly. Whatever it is, people take notice; they pay attention. And pregnancy is certainly an easy ice-breaker in a crowded room.

  • Table? Who Needs a Table?

    Table? Who Needs a Table?

    You have a built-in plate holder, right there on your belly. You’re good.

  • Do You Smell That?

    Do You Smell That?

    While it might be a curse during the morning-sickness phase, it’s probably the closest thing to a super power you’ll ever have.

    Super Preggo: With the Power to Smell Anything, Near or Far.

  • Stopping Traffic

    Stopping Traffic

    There’s nothing that’ll stop traffic like a 9-month pregnant woman rushing across the street. You might even find a kind escort.

  • Restroom Lines

    Restroom Lines

    When you have a human head pressing on your bladder, you have a free pass to skip to the front. Guaranteed.

  • Here Miss, Take My Seat

    Here Miss, Take My Seat

    If you can get over the god-awful smells and germ-y people crammed in around you, pregnancy is one of the best times to ride a rush-hour subway. There’s usually a kind person willing to give up their seat.

  • Clean, Clean, Clean

    Clean, Clean, Clean

    Nobody cleans as well as a pregnant woman experiencing a burst of nesting. Nobody.

  • Be Productive

    Be Productive

    “I made human ears today. What have you done?”

  • The Kindness of Strangers

    The Kindness of Strangers

    There’s something about growing a human life that brings out the humanity in us all. People held the door for me much more often. They smiled at me as I passed. They struck up conversations — not because they wanted or needed anything, but because they wanted to share their own experiences or just wish me well. The world was a kinder place when I was pregnant.

  • Wish I Could, But...

    Wish I Could, But...

    We all struggle with saying “yes” when we really want to say “no,” and pregnancy? Pregnancy is the perfect time to throw down the excuse card. Your ankles hurt, you have a registry to build, and you really really need a nap.

    Use it. Pregnant women can certainly get away with it.

What else do pregnant women do better than anyone else? What were your favorite pregnancy perks?

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