10 Things I’ve Loved About Being a WAHM

For the past several months, I have been preparing for my return to work outside the home. It is one of the most difficult decisions I have had to make in awhile. In the end, as much as my heart longs to spend my days with Lola, working full time seems to be the best long-term decision for my family.

For the past 16 months, I have lived my dream. I am thankful for the perfect balance of grace, timing, and my husband’s support, which are things that have made doing this possible.

As I look to the future, I can’t help but reflect on all of the reasons I have loved working from home. Here are 10 of them.

  • Impromptu cuddle sessions

    Impromptu cuddle sessions

    I love that my baby is always within arm's reach. My days are sprinkled with hugs, kisses and laughter.

  • Being able to comfort her

    Being able to comfort her

    I love that I can comfort Lola when she is sad. Whether it is because I said “no” or she took a tumble while waddling around the house, I am grateful I get to be the one to wipe away her tears.

  • Occasionally napping with my baby

    Occasionally napping with my baby

    There are days when I’m not feeling well or the lack of sleep has gotten to me. Rather than attempting to take a quick nap on my lunch break, I can nap when Lola naps and recharge my mama batteries.

  • School holidays

    School holidays

    Lola doesn’t have school holidays yet but big sister does. I love school holidays and teacher planning days because, I get to spend the day with two sweet sisters.

  • Afternoon adventures

    Afternoon adventures

    Park dates, Babies “r” Us and Target runs are at our disposal. We don’t always have to wait until the weekend to go on a little adventure.

  • Lunch dates

    Lunch dates

    At work despite having some lovely coworkers, I typically chose to eat lunch alone. Now I’ve had a long standing lunch date. We talk, giggle and then I pick the remains of what she ate out of her hair or off of the floor.

  • We don't have to get dressed

    We don't have to get dressed

    Not only can I stay in my pjs all day but so can Lola. Pajama days are some of the best days.

  • Flexibility


    There’s so much flexibility in my schedule. I attend school events with ease. I don’t have to make arrangements for my oldest when she has a day off from school. When my husband takes a vacation day I am already home. And if we travel someplace I can work on the go. If my children are sick my husband and I don’t have to take turns taking off to care for them. And I’m always able to take them to doctor or dentist appointments.

  • Getting to witness every milestone

    Getting to witness every milestone

    Getting to witness all of Lola’s milestones to date has been absolutely magical.

  • The (best) company

    The (best) company

    Working from home hasn’t been easy. It is a lot of work. The reality is you’re never “off” like most 8-5 jobs. You finish one shift and immediately start another. But the ability to be with my children more made it all worthwhile. Our lifestyle changed significantly but I was happier than I’ve ever been. My days were filled with the people I loved more than anything.

These are the things that I will indeed miss about working from home. Thankfully though, no matter what our days entail, I will always be mommy!

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