10 Things I’m Looking Forward to in Springtime

Spring is such a magical time of year. New life is blossoming everywhere and it’s the perfect time to come out of hibernation and enjoy some fun activities with your little ones! I can’t wait for a bit of this cold to melt away and give way to warmer weather and fresh, new greenery. As I’m looking ahead, here are a few fun things I’m looking forward to doing with my toddler this spring.

  • 10 Things I'm Looking Forward to in Springtime

    10 Things I'm Looking Forward to in Springtime

    With spring comes a ton of new opportunities for adventures with my little one. Here are a few things I’m looking forward to doing with her this spring!

  • 1. Exploring nature

    1. Exploring nature

    While we can definitely explore nature year-round the spring is so much fun for seeing new things blooming and growing!

  • 2. Going to the farmer's market

    2. Going to the farmer's market

    The farmer’s market has been closed all winter and I’m so looking forward to the spring when I can take my daughter to help choose the fruits and vegetables that will fill her plate and begin to teach her about eating locally and seasonally.

  • 3. Ditching the jackets

    3. Ditching the jackets

    Springtime isn’t always the warmest here in Oregon, but I’m excited for those days when the sun shines brightly and we can shed some layers for a bit.

  • 4. Puddle jumping

    4. Puddle jumping

    …And when it’s not-so-sunny? I can’t wait for puddle jumping! It’s infinitely more fun when it’s not freezing cold out.

  • 5. Wagon rides with friends

    5. Wagon rides with friends

    Wagon rides are a favorite pastime around here and the warmer weather will mean a lot more of them.

  • 6. Outdoor activities

    6. Outdoor activities

    Once the sun comes out in Portland the opportunity for fun local activities increases exponentially. Live music performances and activities at the park – the options are endless!

  • 7. Baby animals

    7. Baby animals

    I’m hoping to take Fern to a local farm to see some of the new baby animals come spring. I’d love for her to see all the mamas and their new babies since she’s such an animal lover. I think it would be a lot of fun for her.

  • 8. Dining alfresco

    8. Dining alfresco

    We have a lovely backyard, but in the winter months outdoor dining is a no-go. Eating outside will be a fun way to change up our routine this spring.

  • 9. More zoo trips

    9. More zoo trips

    We have a yearly zoo membership, but the winter isn’t really the best time to visit, because all the animals are hiding out from the cold. I can’t wait for warmer weather so we can enjoy our local zoo again.

  • 10. Just enjoying all the new life

    10. Just enjoying all the new life

    Spring is such a beautiful time of rebirth and new life and I’m looking forward to just enjoying and experiencing it with my little one.

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