10 Things I’m Looking Forward to About Having Another Baby

Before I became a mother, I was never a “baby person.” Even after becoming a mom, I still preferred older babies and toddlers to newborns. Part of me is slightly freaked about adding another little one to the mix, but now that I have an independent, little toddler running around, I’m realizing just how many things I miss about those baby days and just how many things I’m looking forward to about having another baby. Here are just a few…
10 Things I'm Looking Forward To About Having Another Baby
10 Things I’m Looking Forward To About Having Another Baby
1. Teeny tiny baby clothes
I’m pretty sure there are few things on this planet that are cuter than pint-sized newborn clothes. It’s a fact.
2. Baby cuddles
My toddler is most definitely NOT a cuddler, so I’m definitely looking forward to some cozy, sweet baby snuggles.
3. Nursing
Even though nursing was hard work and it took me awhile to get the hang of it, I really did love so many things about it and I look forward to the
bonding it will bring for me and Baby #2.
4. Midnight pow wows
As exhausted as I was with those middle of the night feedings, a crazy part of me almost misses those midnight pow wows and is looking forward to them. I know things are going to be busier with a toddler running around and I think these little nightly meetings are going to be a great way for me to get to know my little man – distraction free. Please remind me of this when I’m feeling sleep deprived in six months.
5. Having an excuse to do nothing
The newborn stage is the perfect excuse to let go of the to-do lists and just bask in the loveliness that is your new baby. Nowhere to go. Just
hunkering down and cozying up at home.
6. That new baby smell
There is nothing on the planet that compares to the sweet smell of a new baby. Nothing.
7. The newness of falling in love
Falling in love, little by little, with a tiny new person is one of the best things in life. I am looking forward to that with my new baby boy.
8. Teeny, tiny diapers
I know, I’m weird, but tiny little diapers are kind of the cutest.
9. Seeing the sibling relationship
I can’t wait to see my daughter interacting with her baby brother and vice versa. I hope they become the best of friends!
10. Finally just getting to meet him!
Nine months is a very long time to have to wait to get to meet someone. I’m so ready to meet our little man and see who he becomes!
For those of you who are pregnant: What are you most looking forward to about having a baby?
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