10 Things I Love About Margot at 10 Weeks Old

Miss Margot is growing too fast for this mama’s heart. I love the newborn stage and I can see it fading away. Even though it makes me sad to leave that stage behind, it’s pretty excited to watch her grow and develop and reveal more of her little personality…

  1. All smiles, all the time.
  2. She’s beginning to laugh. She’s got the cutest little giggle.
  3. Her eyes dance when you talk to her. It melts my heart!
  4. She can now recognize her big sisters and it’s the best thing ever.
  5. She found her little hands and sucks on her fists all the livelong day.
  6. She enjoys being outside and feeling the wind in her hair.
  7. She’s trying to hard to hold her head up.
  8. She loves her daddy to pieces and enjoys some alone time with him every night.
  9. She’s beginning to play and reach for things!
  10. She loves her mama, big time.
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