10 Things I Don’t Leave the House Without

I remember the first time I packed my diaper bag (a week before my first baby was born), I was overwhelmed by how much stuff I thought I needed. I could barely get the bag closed — and it was a big bag!

Now, two children later, I’m pretty adept at packing lightly. Two changes of clothing for a grocery store trip might be a bit excessive, and I probably don’t need my nursing cover if I’m just taking a walk around the block.

But, whether we’re going on a walk to the park or running errands, here are the ten things that pretty much always earn a spot in my bag or the car:

  • #1: My Double Stroller

    #1: My Double Stroller

    I have a bunch of single strollers, but I always take my double now, because invariably, my toddler, who SWORE she wouldn’t want to ride, will want to ride. We’ve had too many outings where I ended up trying to hold one child while pushing the other. Now I just default to the double and everyone is happy.

  • #2: Baby Wipes

    Baby wipes are like miracle workers. Hand washers, stain removers, tissues, and, of course, bottom wipers. My husband lives in fear of being without some.

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  • #3: A Snack

    I never know when an errand will run long or I’ll just absolutely need to keep my children well-behaved. A snack never fails to do the trick (granola bars and dried fruit are my favorites).

    See Disney Baby snack containers from The First Years

  • #4: A Size 3 Diaper

    Before I had children, a friend told me that size 3 diapers were the magic size that fit the longest. In the case of my girls, I’ve found that to be true. I can make them work for a six month old or my three-year-old, if the need arises. My emergency diaper stash is all size 3s.

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  • #5: My Phone

    #5: My Phone

    I love so many things about my phone, but I really love that I can use it to snap candid photos like this one of my girls when we’re out and about.

  • #6: A Blanket

    A baby blanket is endlessly useful – it can warm up a chilly baby, act as a nursing cover, wipe a dirty face, replace a soiled outfit, swaddle a tired baby, and make for a great game of peek-a-boo.

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  • #7: A Pacifier

    My girls are both WILD about pacifiers (we only just took away my 3-year-old’s a few weeks ago), so a pacifier is my ultimate secret weapon.

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  • #8: A Jacket

    I always keep a baby jacket stashed in my purse or bag. If it’s cold, I’m set. And if my baby spits up (or has a blowout), a jacket can stand in as an outfit in a pinch.

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  • #9: A Book

    #9: A Book

    I always keep a book (for me!) in my purse or the bottom of the stroller, so that if my girls are suddenly enthralled by a bug for ten or fifteen minutes (which happens more often than you’d think!) or we end up waiting in a long line, I have something to read. Bonus, the battery never runs out!

  • #10: A Small Toy

    A small toy, like this Winnie the Pooh doll, is perfect for tossing in my purse and pulling out when my girls get bored or crabby. If my husband’s along, he’s fantastic at making the dolls characters in elaborate made-up stories (I am terrible at making up stories).

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P.S. I’d love to hear what you don’t leave the house without!

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