10 Things Elvie is Thankful For

I love pausing during the month of November to remember all the things I have to be grateful for. Sometimes in the rush of life, I neglect to recognize just how rich my life is. I shared earlier this month the thing that I am most thankful for, and now it is Elvie’s turn. While she can’t say out loud what she is grateful for, I can guess. Here are 10 things that make Elvie’s life better and more exciting. I bet some of the babies and toddlers in your lives appreciate some of these things, too.

  • Elvie is thankful.

    Elvie is thankful.

    There are many things that make her life fantastic, but here are the top ten.

  • Full Tissue Boxes

    Full Tissue Boxes

    She’ll take a half full or quarter full box in a pinch, but what she really loves is a freshly opened box, set somewhere nice and low. She can empty it in record time, then play in the pile. Fantastic!

  • All the Blueberries

    All the Blueberries

    Wait, cartons of blueberries are to share? Elvie doesn’t think so. She can easily polish off the whole thing herself, and she will, thank you very much.

  • She'd Like the Chocolate Center, Please

    She'd Like the Chocolate Center, Please

    It’s so nice of the bakery to wrap up her chocolate like a present. The croissant wrapping is easy to remove, and as a bonus, it makes a lovely mess.

  • Unroll It! Hooray!

    Unroll It! Hooray!

    Elvie’s not sure who likes rolls of toilet paper best – her, or the cat. She doesn’t mind sharing. In fact, it’s easier to shred it when it’s already unrolled, so they can work together!

  • Is That a Touchscreen?

    Is That a Touchscreen?

    Maybe you think that smartphones should be off limits to a rambunctious toddler, but Elvie doesn’t agree. She knows how to hit the home button and open all her favorite apps.

  • Easy on the Ears, Easy on the Eyes

    Easy on the Ears, Easy on the Eyes

    Elvie appreciates music that is danceable and music that is soulful. Bruno Mars never disappoints her, and she can even croon along. Is there a video? Even better.

  • If the Shoe Fits...

    If the Shoe Fits...

    …or even if it doesn’t, she’ll take it. She’s been known to put shoes on her hands to make them work for her. If she gets new shoes, every stranger she encounters is encouraged to check them out. Shoes are the best!

  • Woof! Woof!

    Woof! Woof!

    Dogs on the sidewalk are interesting, but dogs on the bus are hilarious. Should dogs be on the bus? Elvie thinks it must be some kind of joke, a joke she can point and wave and laugh at.

  • Yours is Probably Better Than Hers

    Yours is Probably Better Than Hers

    Elvie has her own bags, which are okay, but do you know what’s even better than her own bags? Everyone else’s. Who knows what might be in there? It’s probably exciting, so Elvie will do her best to check when the owner isn’t looking, then charm them into giving her something out of it when they are.

  • Keep the Clapping Coming!

    Keep the Clapping Coming!

    In person or on video, for her or for someone else, applause is simply the best. Elvie will join in, with gusto. Hooray!

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