10 Things My Toddler Can’t Live Without

It’s no secret that I think my kid is the bees knees. Everyday he does something that makes me laugh so hard my belly hurts. Here is a cute list of things that Baylor thinks are necessary to make it through the day.


1. It is not a good day unless he tries to play in the toilet at least once. I imagine splashing his hand in the toilet is the equivalent of eating ice-cream for breakfast for him.

2. Shoes. This is no joke. All day he brings me shoes begging me to put them on him. Most days he is running around in a diaper, shoes, and a baseball cap. Which leads me to my next subject.

3. A baseball cap. He has 3 flat bill hats and all day he runs around switching them out. I think he identifies this as being like his daddy. He always wears a cap also.

4. Count on the day ending badly if you don’t feed him at least one grilled cheese a day. I’ve tried it and it never ends good. Also, he prefers them lightly grilled, not too crispy. Haha!

5. A paci. I was one of those people who said “my kids will never……..” One of those things was that my kids won’t suck on a paci when they get teeth. We are wayyyyy past that threshold. There comes a point in your life when you have to wisely pick your battles. For now I will willingly lose to the pacifier. Especially when my kid breaks out in a cold sweat because he can’t find one. I dream of the day that he will just decide he doesn’t want it anymore.

6. Forehead kisses. He will walk up to me at least 50 times a day for me to give him a forehead kiss. This is my favorite.

7. Sippy cups with straws. He wants to drink out of a sippy cup with a straw but wont drink it like a straw. Therefore I have to take out the straw insert so it is like a regular sippy cup but with a straw spout. Does this make sense? It took me a while to figure that one out myself. Gotta love strong-willed toddlers!

8. Heated games of one-on-one basketball. Before bed he has to play basketball with his daddy. Sometimes I have to step in for Shane. Baylor always beats me. I’m not much of a b-baller.

9. Car rides are not complete without several “weeeeees” from Baylor. When we get in the car everyday the first curve we turn I hear a “weeeeeeee.” Another one of my favorites.

10. Lastly, Baylor’s day is not complete unless he hides my phone from me at least once. And then watches with a smug smile as I frantically try to find it as we are walking out the door to be somewhere. Every. Single. Time.

These are the things that make the day better for Baylor. What does your little one do everyday that is quirky and cute?


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