10 Perfect Summer Baby Names

A name says so much about a person that it’s no wonder we all want to choose just the right fit.


If you’re about to have a summer baby, and haven’t yet found the perfect first or middle name, take a peek at these 10 summer baby names…
Summer Baby Names

1. Ruby: Being the birthstone for July, it only seems fitting to name a summer baby Ruby.

2. Lucy: Short and sweet, the name Lucy is perfect for a bright and happy girl full of sunshine and when shortened Luz means light.

3. Tallulah: Comes from the meaning leaping water. She will be spritely and ready for adventure her whole life.

4. Stella: This little cutie’s name would always remind you of starry summer nights.

5. Violet: Flower names are perfect for summer since they are in full bloom.


1. Ronan: Will definitely be a water baby with a name that means little seal. 

2. Julian: This name is a perfect fit for a July baby.

3. Samson: His name is sure to encompass the energy and light of summer with the meaning sun.

4. Jude: Being partial to the Beatles, the adorable song “Hey Jude” came out in August of ’68. Sounds like a perfect summer fit.

5. Kai: A tropical name that means the sea in Hawaiian.

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