10 Signs You’re Ready for Labor

It’s official; my due date is approaching quickly and I’m well aware that our little girl could begin her arrival at any moment. And although these last few days are full of wonder, excitement and magic, I find my mind drifting to a completely crazed place where I simply can’t focus on anything else. Believe me, writing this very post is taking all the persistence in the world!

Surely, I’m not alone. In fact, here are 10 (very non-scientific, of course) signs it might be nearly time to welcome your baby, too:

40 weeks pregnant

1. At the nail salon, you find yourself frozen with indecision: which color do you want your toes to don when you become a mother? (I chose powder blue – I suppose I’m combatting gender roles already!)

2. You alphabetized your medicine cabinet in a last-minute nesting frenzy. (Yes, I really did.)

3. Your husband asks you what you’d like for your “Maybe Last Supper.”

4. You find yourself standing in front of your closet contemplating which skirt you don’t mind ruining if your water breaks.

5. Every few hours, you google “Signs of Labor” to see if there’s anything you’ve missed.

6. You call your mother and she answers, “Is she here? Is she here?”

7. You’ve switched out your pregnancy books on the nightstand for newborn care, breastfeeding and vaccination reads.

8. Every few hours, you google “More Signs of Labor” to see if there’s anything you’ve missed… again.

9. You awake in the middle of the night with a start, wondering if there’s enough gas in the car to get you to the hospital just in case tonight’s the night!

10. When writing a top ten list, you can’t seem to remember what #10 was. You’re just too excited!!!

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