10 Signs You’re Now a Member of the Mom Club

When I found out I was pregnant, I thought I had a pretty clear idea of what it would be like once I gave birth. I figured I’d still sleep through the night, that I’d hit the gym every day, that my body would bounce right back into shape, and that I’d travel all the time with my baby.


When I think of that vision I had of being a mother, I laugh so hard at myself. It’s not that being a mom isn’t amazing, beautiful, and the most rewarding thing in my entire life, but it’s not quite as glamorous and easy-breezy as I had pictured it.

I’m now part of the mom club. When members of the mom club see each other, if we don’t give ourselves away with our outfits, we see it in each other’s eyes. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It actually makes me giggle when I think of it, partially because I know how much work it takes, and partially because I know how worth it it all is.

Here are the top 10 signs you’re in the mom club:

1. You rock a mom bun like it’s your day job! Who has time to do their hair unless it’s for church or a date night? Besides, new babies LOVE to pull hair, and I don’t know anyone who likes the feeling of their hair being pulled by those tiny, glue-like fingers.

2. You’ve grown accustomed to drinking room temperature coffee. The amount of times a day that I reheat my one cup of coffee is just ridiculous. Little tip: Make an entire pot of coffee, then after you’ve poured your first cup, pour the rest into a pitcher and stick it in the fridge. Then you have cold coffee at the ready for a few days worth of iced coffee!

3. You can change your child’s #1 diaper while they stand up. This is an art only a parent would understand.


4. You eat most of your meals standing up. For one, you don’t have time to sit down and two, if you DO sit down, you will have to share your food.

5. The most relaxing part of your day is when you pull into your driveway and realize your baby/babies are asleep in their car seats so you actually get respond to those text messages you glanced at earlier in the day. The best way to get them to snooze in the car is to get a car seat that is ultra comfortable.

6. You wear workout clothes every day but you never go to the gym. Hey, it’s comfortable and you can wear a hat without having to do your hair!

7. You’ve thought of inventing a bottle holder that you strap to the car seat so the baby can eat while you drive. Turns out this idea isn’t that great because it’s actually pretty unsafe…but I’m positive I’m not the only parent who came up who has thought of that!

8. You still can’t understand why your husband uses 10 wipes when changing a diaper while you can do the same cleaning job with only 2 wipes. They never grow out of this as dads. Just get used to it. Haha.

9. You never wear jewelry. We all know earrings will get ripped out and necklaces will get broken. I actually recommend tying a teething ring to a long ribbon and wearing it when you go into the grocery store. This way, your teething baby can chew on it while riding in the basket and it won’t drop onto the floor.

10. Walking around with a stain on your shirt no longer bothers you. Neither does a wet spot from a baby wipe you used to attempt to clean spit up off of you. Basically it’s not worth changing into something else. Rock that stain/spot proudly!

You can’t tell me these aren’t true. Can I get an amen?

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