10 Signs Your Baby Is No Longer a Newborn

Margot is officially 12 weeks old now, and I’ll be honest, it breaks my heart. I LOVE the newborn stage. LOVE IT. I’m a sucker for teeny tiny babies too small for their clothes, the “newborn baby” smell, and the adorable puppy sounds they make during their first few weeks of life. Now that Margot is 12 weeks old, I’m realizing that she’s not a newborn anymore…

  1. The newborn clothes don’t fit. Sob. In fact, some of the 0-3 months clothes don’t fit anymore, either!
  2. She’s smiling all the time. This is the best thing ever. For sure, it’s one of the better parts of outgrowing the newborn stage.
  3. She doesn’t sleep the day away anymore. When she’s awake, she’s really alert!
  4. She’s sucking on her fists. She’s found her hands. And they’re most likely in her mouth.
  5. She’s cooing a ton. Is there anything sweeter than a little singing baby talking to her mama or dad?
  6. She gets a big smile on her face when she sees you. Again, HUGE perk of outgrowing the newborn stage.
  7. She’s beginning to turn from side to side. Ack! Rolling over is such a big girl thing to do. ;)
  8. She’s in somewhat of a sleeping pattern. Eat, Sleep, Play, Repeat!
  9. She’s no longer eating EVERY. 2. HOURS. (Thank goodness!)
  10. Life no longer seems like “survival mode.” We’re all in a good rhythm now.
What about you? How do you know your baby’s no longer a newborn?
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