10 Signs That Mommy Needs a Time-Out

Motherhood is a beautiful thing, but every once in a while I find myself absolutely exhausted, wondering where in the world I will find the energy to keep up with my kids. Motherhood has this way of tapping into every part of us. Moms have to mange a laundry list of responsibilities, while also finding the time to engage with their children in activities that are fun. It can be tiring work.

I think all moms come to a point where they need some space and time to recharge. We typically know we have reached that point, but so many of us live in a place of denial. We tell ourselves that a quick nap will fix things and it’s not that big a deal. Or, we convince ourselves that feeling worn out is okay, because it comes with the territory.

We are always so concerned about our kids having fun and getting enough sleep, but what about us? Don’t we need rest, too? Wouldn’t a good night of sleep help us as much as it helps them?


As our babies prepare to enter the toddler world, many moms prepare themselves for how they will discipline their little ones, and a time-out is often the route that many of us choose to take. Why a time-out? Because a time-out is designed to give kids a chance to just calm down, relax, and hopefully reflect on what just happened. I think moms need time-outs too. Sometimes we can get stressed, our behavior isn’t the best, and a time-out can definitely go a long way.

Here are 10 signs that you may be in need of a time-out.

1) Everything gives you a headache—and I mean everything.

2) You start to wonder if your little ones will go for a 5 p.m. bedtime if you get really cute blackout curtains.

3) You get annoyed with your pets (we both know they did nothing wrong).

4) If your husband makes a suggestion, you feel that headache coming on again.

5) Your bathroom breaks are getting so long everyone thinks you’re sick, but you are really just checking email on your phone or catching up with the magazines that have been sitting on your kitchen counter for weeks.

6) You give in to the sugar requests, because you will do almost anything for a few minutes without anyone crying.

7) You fall into such a deep sleep that you can barely hear the baby crying at night, and your husband has to wake you up (causing yet another headache because you wonder why he woke you up).

8) You haven’t had a manicure or a pedicure since before your baby was born.

9) Your girlfriends are beginning to forget what you look like.

10) You are convinced that doing something nice for yourself is a thing of the past because everything you do has to be for your kids.

Mommies, how do you know when you need a time-out? 

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