10 Reasons I Love Having a Little Girl

After being a mom of boys for five years, welcoming a baby girl into the world was a big change for all of us. I couldn’t go anywhere without people saying, “You got your girl!” And, while I wasn’t intent on having a girl, I now know why people thought it was so special. Here are a few of the reasons I love having a baby girl in our family.

  • It's A Girl!

    It's A Girl!

    About 16 months ago, we became a family of five as we welcomed our baby girl. Little did I know the fun that was in store.

  • Everything Pink

    Everything Pink

    While my favorite color has always been blue, the pink in our house has filled it with life. From the sweet, soft blankets to the cozy jammies to those pouty lips. I just can’t get enough.

  • Frivilous Frills

    Frivilous Frills

    From ruffles to flowers to bows to smocking, there’s no doubt dressing a baby girl to show off her personality is loads of fun.

  • That Flexibility

    That Flexibility

    While my baby girl is literally pretty flexible, her personality has been even more so. She’s always gone along for the ride and been the most easy-going member of our family. (I’m told it’s a girl thing…)

  • She's Got Moves

    She's Got Moves

    While our whole family loves to dance, there’s something extra special about this one. It’s like dancing is just in her DNA. She boogies through meals, in the car, and anywhere she hears a rhythm. (Which, a fair amount of the time, is in her head.)

  • Sweet Giggles

    Sweet Giggles

    I never knew it was possible for a baby’s laugh to have a tender, feminine quality about it. Oh, but it does. And it just makes me melt.

  • TLC


    It seems girls are born to nurture. My girl’s got a gentle, loving quality about her that I relish.

  • Cuddles and Kisses

    Cuddles and Kisses

    Girls don’t just love, they want to be loved right back. While my baby is always ready to give a wet one, she also loves to be held and cuddled in the most tender way.

  • Dress Up Fun

    Dress Up Fun

    Dirty laundry makes the perfect hat. That teething ring is suddenly a bracelet. And that lunch box, well it’s a purse, of course. There’s no stopping a girl with style.

  • Quiet Time

    Quiet Time

    When my boys are quiet, well, let’s just say it’s not because they’re going through each book on the shelf. Little girls have a sense of calm that’s just wonderful.

  • Daddy's Baby

    Daddy's Baby

    There’s nothing like seeing your baby girl wrapped around her daddy’s finger. Or being held in his arms. Somehow it makes him more manly, and me more in love. With both of them, of course.

What do you love most about having a little girl?

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