10 Reasons Swaddling Soothes You and Baby

Being a second time mami I’ve had to quickly remember how to live with a newborn again. Amazing just how quickly you forget! Little L will be three months next week and not a day goes by that my husband doesn’t say “remember how…” or “remember when…” recalling our newborn moments with our now four year old son M.

Swaddle Soothe and Sleep

One of those moments involved swaddling Little L. She just wouldn’t settle after her feed and despite holding, rocking and spending quality skin on skin time with her nothing seemed to work. My husband remembered that when we swaddled M he would settle down and find comfort almost immediately. I looked up at him wide-eyed and said “Of course! How could I forget the ‘baby burrito’” Because as you guessed it, they look like baby burritos!

Swaddling doesn’t just settle baby, but it soothes mom too. I sleep better knowing she isn’t wiggling around, scaring herself with her sudden baby jerks and waking sooner than expected. It’s a win-win for parents — but remember to do it early on so they get used to the feeling.

Here are ten reasons why swaddling soothes you and baby:

1. They feel secure and snug in their cot.

2. Sleep longer and often don’t need a pacifier (Little L doesn’t use one when swaddled).

3. Parent peace of mind — you sleep knowing your baby isn’t moving around.

4. You sleep. Longer.

5. Arms and legs stay still avoiding sudden jerking movements which often wake and/or scare them.


6.  Baby stays warm and cozy.

7. You don’t have to worry about blankets covering their faces.

7. Baby is easier to pick up when swaddled — they are a little package ready to go!

8. Can help regulate baby’s temperature.

9. Reduce excess crying — as soon as Little L is swaddles, she calms.

10. They look absolutely adorable as a baby burrito!

Don’t just take it from me, here fellow mom (and mum!) bloggers share their swaddling experiences:

“My younger daughter, just loved her cuddles. I’d swaddle her, nice and tightly, and she’d instantly settle down, relax, and fall asleep. You could just see that she felt safe, and comforted in its snug confines. When I checked on her for her next feed, she’d always be in exactly the same position, completely happy and content.”  Jacqui, Mummy’s Little Monkey

“I swaddled both my sons as small babies —  although Alexander, my second preferred to have his arms free. I found the first 2 months of swaddling kept them warm and safe as I didn’t have to worry about additional blankets and the ones I used always had holes in them. I liked to think it hopefully offered them a similar comfort to that they had become accustomed to for 9 months in me!” Vicki, Honest Mum

“I swaddled my son. I  felt it was great for him because it gave a secure feeling as a newborn, like he was in momma’s womb.” Catherine, Momma’s Fun World

“My daughter is 3 months old and still loves to be swaddled when she sleeps. We only swaddle her arms tight and leave her legs free to move. She seems happier this way and it’s much better for her hips!” Kaitlyn, Naturally Chic Life

Want to swaddle but not sure how — check out Swaddling 101.

Remember, swaddle, soothe and sleep!

Sources: BabyCenter, Hands To Heart

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