10 Reasons I LOVE the Newborn Stage

I know that the newborn stage is often seen as difficult and challenging and something to “get through,” but I happen to love it. Our third baby will soon be here and while I am certainly nervous about being a mama of three, I am REALLY looking forward to life with a newborn again. There is nothing in the world like a newborn baby and that short time in our lives. From the adorable puppy noises they make to falling in love all over again, I can’t wait!

  • 10 Reasons I Love the Newborn Stage...

    10 Reasons I Love the Newborn Stage...

    …and am looking forward to it again!

  • Falling in Love Again

    Falling in Love Again

    There is nothing like falling in love with your newborn baby! I can’t wait to meet my 3rd little love…

  • Overly Tired, But Overjoyed

    Overly Tired, But Overjoyed

    Yes, there is not a more exhausting time of life. But all of that is overcome by joy!

  • Snoozing All the Time

    Snoozing All the Time

    I’m sure I didn’t realize how much babies slept after my first was born, but with my second, I realized that they sleep ALL THE TIME! And it’s adorable… (Just remember this when they are awake and fussy at 3 a.m.!)

  • That New Baby Smell

    That New Baby Smell

    Don’t lie! You totally love that new baby smell, too! :)

  • A New Perspective

    A New Perspective

    When a new baby is born, everything is different. Suddenly you have a bright new perspective and it’s kind of amazing!

  • Nursing


    I know it’s hard at first, but nursing a new baby is such a special time! I’m certainly looking forward to this again…

  • Puppy Sounds

    Puppy Sounds

    There’s no better way to describe those little grunts and grumbles, don’t you think? I can’t wait!

  • Babywearing


    There are few things I love more than a newborn baby strapped to my chest!

  • The Learning Curve

    The Learning Curve

    Each baby is different, and there is certain a learning curve that comes with a newborn. Figuring out a new little person is pretty amazing…

  • Visits from Family & Friends

    Visits from Family & Friends

    I can’t think of a time in life when I’ve seen more family & friends in a matter of a few days/weeks. It’s exciting to introduce your new baby to the world!

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