10 Quotes About Grandmothers

There is no one on this earth that is capable of loving my children as wholeheartedly as my husband and I do. For me, the greatest love I have ever experienced is the love I felt when I became a mother. I am convinced that nothing in life will ever compare. And despite the love my husband and I have for them being immeasurable and never ending, if there was anyone in this world who could come close to loving them as much as we do it would be their grandmothers.


My mother and mother-in-law are two of the most loving women to ever walk the planet. They adore us, their children, but their hearts belong to their grandchildren. Having been raised by our mothers we know first hand how amazing these two women are. We have watched the way their eyes light up when they see their grandchildren, making it crystal clear that our children fill their lives with as much light and love as they do ours.

Our girls are blessed that our mothers live close and are active participants in their lives. They are also blessed to have great-grandmothers and even a great-great grandmother. As a result they have and, prayerfully, will continue to experience the joy of being a grandchild. They will get to taste the magic of their Gana’s cooking, and giggle as they sing songs with their Nana. Our children will sit and listen to stories told by them and us as we relive the memories we made with our mothers, while expressing our deep sense of gratitude for the chance they have been given to make some memories of their own with them.

In celebration of grandmothers the stories, the hugs, and magic they bring to the lives of their grandchildren and the magic our babies bring to theirs, here are 10 quotes about grandmothers.

  • 10 Quotes About Grandmothers

    10 Quotes About Grandmothers

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  • Oh So Sweet

    Oh So Sweet

    Who doesn’t love frosting?

  • Holder of Hands and Hearts

    Holder of Hands and Hearts

    After all, they’re mothers too.

  • A Second Chance

    A Second Chance

    For some, the birth of a grandchild presents the birth of a second chance.

  • A Little Bit of a Lot of Things

    A Little Bit of a Lot of Things

    Grandmas wear many hats, not just fancy hats with flowers on them.

  • A Garden

    A Garden

    Grandma’s heart: A place where love grows.

  • Hugs and Cookies

    Hugs and Cookies

    An endless supply of love and sweets!

  • Born


    The birth of a child doesn’t just change the life of a mother but also the life of a grandmother.

  • Antiques


    Antiques are valuable, cherished, and much like grandparents they get better with time.

  • The Fullness of Grace

    The Fullness of Grace

    Grace abounds in grand-motherhood.

  • There’s No Place Like Grandma’s

    There’s No Place Like Grandma’s

    Home is where the heart is. It is also where grandma is.

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