10 Quotes About Grandfathers

As a little girl my dad would take my brother and I to visit my granddaddy. He was wise, kind, and loved to cook. He was full of life and told the best stories. Sadly, my children never got to meet him. Even so, some of the magic of the man I admired so lives on in the form of memories and the stories I share with my oldest daughter and will one day share with my youngest.

While grandmas often get all of the attention grandfathers are quite special too. They often have the greatest stories to tell and a knack for making the faces of their grandchildren light up.

In celebration of Father’s Day, here are 10 great quotes about grandfathers.

  • 10 Quotes about Grandfathers

    10 Quotes about Grandfathers

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  • Antiques


    Just like grandmas, grandpas are also antiques.

  • Loving and Fixing

    Loving and Fixing

    What grandpas are for.

  • Promoted


    Grandpas are the recipients of quite the promotion.

  • Silver and Gold

    Silver and Gold

    A blending of the two.

  • Role Models

    Role Models

    They lead by example.

  • Powerful


    The relationship between a grandfather and child is special from the start.

  • Horsy


    Giver of horsy rides.

  • Adoration


    They adore their grandchildren.

  • Loving


    The love they give makes all the difference.

  • Afraid and Unafraid

    Afraid and Unafraid

    A perfect combination.

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