10 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing Your Baby’s Name

For some people, choosing a baby name is an easy task. Maybe they’ve had the name picked out since they were a kid, or maybe they saw it in a book the day they found out they were pregnant.

For me, I scoured websites and books to find the perfect name for both of my boys. I am somewhat indecisive anyway, so choosing one name out of billions was tough. I think the first thing you should do is ask yourself a few questions, to help narrow down your choices. Such as:

1. Do we want to use a family name? 
My husband and I wanted to name our first baby after his dad, Ken Carney. We decided a couple of weeks into the pregnancy that we wanted to name her Kenley if it was a girl and Kenneth if it was a boy.

2. Do you want your baby to go by his or her initials? 
Chris was dead set on Kenneth but I wanted a name that had a cuter ring to it. We decided on James as the middle name, after Chris’ grandfather and this made it easy to call him KJ for short.

3. Do you WANT the opinion of family members? 
Do yourself a favor and weigh the pros and cons of asking in-laws for their opinions on baby names. It may not be worth it to ask and then disappoint them when you don’t choose their suggestion. However, it could make your mother-in-law like you more. See? Pros and cons. Weigh them.

3. Could you pick the middle name first? 
Sometimes it helps to pick the middle name before the first name. Then you can see how they sound together and it will help to narrow down the options for first names.

4. Have you considered any Disney names? 
I absolutely love the name Winnie for a girl! For a list of more great Disney-inspired names check out 21 Awesome Baby Names from Recent Disney Movies.


5. Do you want a unisex baby name?
I’ve always loved the name Dylan for a boy or for a girl. Gender-neutral names are great to consider for those parents who don’t want to find out what they are having. Just because they baby’s gender is going to be a surprise that doesn’t mean the name has to be!

6. Have you looked at the name blogs on our site?
Disney Baby has a lot of great baby name lists. This way, you don’t have to go out and buy a huge book of names. Use the internet to your advantage!

7. Will the name be challenging to pronounce?
All I could imagine when I was picking out baby names was whether or not the teacher would screw up when she pronounced my child’s name. This was super important to me. And the easier it is to say, the easier it will probably be for your child to spell.

8. Does your spouse REALLY like the name?
Please do your spouse a favor and pick a name you both like. It will do good for your marriage. :)

9. What will the initials be?
Seems like a silly question but it is important. When I was in kindergarten, a kid named Michael used to make fun of me for my initials “TT.” I was a pretty tough kid, so I got over it quickly, but it’s something to at least consider.

10. What is the meaning of the name?
This may be important for some people and not for others. Kenneth James means “handsome strength,” so my husband loved it. But we also loved Bentley Cash, which is what we named our second child, and that means “bent grass in a field” and “money.” Haha. Clearly we didn’t care as much about the meaning the second time around, but it’s always good to check just in case. You can start with these.

Just remember not to stress too much about your baby’s name. You have plenty of time to choose one, and the most important thing is that you and your spouse love the name. Happy name hunting!

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