10 Signs You Might Have Baby Fever

It comes in waves. One minute, I’m joyfully counting my blessings and thankful that sleep deprivation and diaper blowouts are (for the most part) a thing of the past.

The next minute, I find myself longing for just one more chance to inhale that newborn smell. To feel a tiny person nestled on my chest soothed by the sound of my heartbeat.


One encounter with a newborn and it hits me — “baby fever.”

The symptoms vary depending on the person, but typically it’s a strong desire to have a baby. Sometimes it comes out of nowhere. Other times, it’s the result of spending time in the presence of brand new babies. Cute little babies.

But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are actually ready to have one. For me, baby fever is based purely off emotion. There’s no logic involved, which means it can leave just as quickly as it came (for some, toddler tantrums can facilitate that exit :). For others, the feeling may lead to them deciding to expand their families.

I couldn’t imagine navigating pregnancy again, given how difficult it was for me both times, but I’d be lying if I said I don’t occasionally dream of life with three littles. Lola was, and will be, the last baby I will carry in my belly — but I do hope she isn’t the last baby I will cradle in my arms each night. I suppose time will tell. For now I’m enjoying my girls and my good friend’s little one (he’s only two months old and so cute and tiny!).

Here are a few signs that may suggest you, too, have “baby fever”:

1. You start telling yourself (and your husband) that pregnancy wasn’t that bad. Sure you were sick every single day and swore you’d never do this again. Not ever. But really, it wasn’t that bad.

2. You love shopping your friend’s baby registries in search of the perfect gift. You welcome having a reason to buy itty bitty baby things.

3. Whether it’s Target or the grocery store you always walk down the baby aisle even if your baby is no longer an actual baby.

4. Tiny newborn clothes make your heart flutter. You miss washing and folding baby-sized clothes.

5. You want to hold all the babies and have already told your pregnant friends you’d love to babysit. At every party you’re the one holding babies and putting that singsong voice to use. Yes, you’re still a natural.

6. You’ve convinced yourself that sleep is overrated and since you’re already in baby mode what’s another. (Now to convince your spouse!)

7. You contemplate things like whether or not a second or third car seat would fit in your car and if you’d get much use out of a double stroller.

8. You start browsing and pinning baby products on Pinterest.

9. You decide that perhaps you’ll keep all those old baby items just a little longer. Ok, ok, maybe just a couple things. (You know, just in case).

10. You spend more time reminiscing about your bump days and/or the baby stage. It was magical and you just might be up for recreating the magic.

What is baby fever to you? Do you get bouts of it?

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