10 Creative Push Presents for New Moms (That Aren’t Jewelry)

Have you heard the term “push present?” Basically, it’s a gift for a new mama, given to her after she has given birth.

Usually, the father of the baby is responsible for gifting the push present. This idea is a new one and is often controversial. Some women feel like it’s an unnecessary thing that puts extra pressure on Dad, while others feel it’s certainly a nice gesture after a long pregnancy and delivery.


Typically, the push present is jewelry. It doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive. In fact, a lot of women are given something custom made with the baby’s name or initials. But, if you are like me, jewelry isn’t always desired. I’d rather receive something unique and outside-the-box. Here are 10 creative push presents for new moms…

  1. A Polaroid Camera – Yes, they still make these. In fact, this was my push present after my second daughter, Ingrid, was born. I loved it! We took some amazing photos of her, just minutes old.
  2. A Birth Photographer – This is something I’d love to have. But, these photographers are often expensive and difficult to book. I’ve seen some amazing photos of women in labor and right after. The emotions expressed in photos like these cannot be recreated.
  3. A Journal – I used a journal all throughout the birth of my second daughter. When I was in too much pain to write, I had my husband take notes. I still go back and read about what I was thinking and feeling during those moments. It was also a great place to write down visitors who came to see us, and funny or sweet things I wanted to remember about our baby’s first few days.
  4. Flowers – I love flowers. I love them especially when I know that every other woman isn’t getting them that day. (i.e. Valentine’s Day) A beautiful bouquet of my favorite flowers would be an awesome and simple gift to admire after birth.
  5. Take Out – Instead of having to eat hospital food (it’s always pretty gross, right?!) have take out delivered. Again, it’s a simple gesture but I promise the new mama will love it.
  6. A Pedicure – If mom didn’t have time to paint her toes before giving birth, treat her to a pedicure. While she is holding or nursing the new baby, offer to paint her toes!
  7. A Massage – Whether she went through labor or had a cesarean delivery, she’s probably exhausted and achy. Give the new mom a nice massage and help her relax.
  8. A Clean House – This would be a dream come true. When you are at the hospital, schedule a cleaning company to come to your house and do a deep clean. How exciting (and what a relief!) it would be to come home to a spick-and-span house with your new baby in tow!
  9. Her DREAM Baby Item – There’s always something that a new mom wants for her baby but doesn’t purchase. Perhaps it’s a super-comfy rocker, or a nice swing. Maybe it’s an awesome piece of art for the nursery or a new diaper bag. Whatever she REALLY wanted, surprise her with it!
  10. First Family Vacation – While you probably won’t be ready to go on a big vacation anytime soon, give a gift that’ll happen down the road. Make a “gift certificate” of sorts for a week away together, baby included. Now that you have a new little love in your life, it’s time to make some family memories!
I’m curious, what do you think about the idea of a push present? Did you receive one? What were you given? I’d love to hear!
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