10 Of The Best Dad, Daddy & Papa Tees Featuring Fun & Humorous Sayings

We’ve put together round-ups of our favorite maternity tees as well as big brother and big sister tees, but what about the dads? There are quite a few proud papas out there that would love to wear tees that reflect that. This week I scoured the net for the best tees for dads and came up with the following 10 picks. They are fun, available in a wide range of colors and can be customized depending on the style you choose.

  • How Long Has He Been

    How Long Has He Been "Daddy"?

    Will he become a dad in 2013 or has he been a daddy for the last four years? Tell the seller which date you would like printed on this tee for a personalized touch.

  • Proud Pappa Since...

    Proud Pappa Since...

    I really like the font on this tee. The saying was printed using earth friendly textile inks that won’t peel off in the wash like screen printed designs. It is also customizable and available in several colors and sizes.

  • The Man Behind The Belly

    The Man Behind The Belly

    Who’s the man behind the belly? Show him off with this humorous short-sleeve tee.

  • He's a Rockstar!

    He's a Rockstar!

    Do your kids have a rockstar daddy? If so, this is the tee for him.

  • Dad x 2

    Dad x 2

    Mathematicians, geeks and cool dudes will appreciate this dad to the second power tee. A great pick for dads of two.

  • Awesome Dad

    Awesome Dad

    All fingers point to…Dad! Only the awesome ones can wear this tee;). Available in several different colors and sizes.

  • Papa - The Legend

    Papa - The Legend

    The Legend, The Man, The Myth. Who is it? Papa of course! I’m loving the design of this tee and think it would look mighty fine under a bomber jacket.

  • iDad


    iDad is a clever play on words and really the wording speaks for itself. A great tee for the tech-obsessed dad!

  • Sleep Deprived

    Sleep Deprived

    This is a great tee for dads because really, what parent isn’t sleep deprived at some point? Hmm I wonder if they have a matching tee for mamas….

  • Super Dad

    Super Dad

    It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s SUPER DAD! This is one tee that will never go out of style. Choose from 9 different colors.

There are some really great picks here that aren’t cheesy and are quite humorous in a smart, tongue-in-cheek way. I know quite a few dads (my husband included) who would wear these designs proudly.

Which is your favorite?

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