10 Must-Have Items Your Baby Needs for School

I feel like I was just counting the days until summer, and now back-to-school sales are popping up everywhere and we are getting ready for fall. The seasons just fly by, don’t they?

My babies are growing up, and they are both excited about the fall. My oldest will be starting pre-kindergarten and my little Jada, not even two yet, will be moving into the toddler room at her school. It’s time for me to get together everything they need so they can start the year off right.

To be honest, I love this time of the year. Change is exciting, and as much as our kids love the summer months, they also love all of the excitement that come with changing seasons, meeting new people, and having new experiences.

As moms, we sometimes get super excited during this time of the year as well, and that can lead to buying a lot more than our babies really need. I hope I can help you focus on what you need most so you can spend the rest of your energy coming up with fun fall activities.

Here is a list of items that your baby will need this fall.

  1. Name labels. Washable, microwaveable name labels are a lifesaver. You can purchase these labels from a number of websites, and there are tons of cute designs to choose from. It’s a simple way to label all of your baby’s things without ruining the item or wasting time with tape and markers.
  2. Extra clothing. I recommend digging through discount sections to find a few affordable outfits that you don’t mind keep at their school. That way, you don’t need to worry about brining those outfits home on the weekends.
  3. A lunch bag/box. Lunch boxes aren’t just for older kids. My daughter isn’t even two yet, and she just loves holding her lunch box. I guess it makes her feel like a big girl. I am getting her this adorable Doc McStuffins Lunch Tote from Disney Store.
  4. A hooded jacket. With fall headed our way, your baby definitely needs to keep a jacket with a hood at school. Cool weather may strike unexpectedly, and you want them to be prepared. This Minnie Mouse Hoodie for Baby is one of my favorites.
  5. A hat. I hate to harp on the whole cool weather thing, but it’s true. Hats are great because if you can keep their head warm, it helps a great deal with keeping their entire body warm. Plus babies look super cute in hats, so why not.
  6. Sunscreen. Sunscreen isn’t just for the warmer months. There is plenty of sunshine year round, and our babies need to be protected.
  7. Bibs. A couple of large plastic bibs are a must. They are easy for the teachers to clean, and you can just bring them home once a week for a good wash. These Disney Minnie Mouse E-Z Wipe Bibs are perfect.
  8. Affordable, durable sippy cups. Things tend to get lost at schools. That’s why I love anything that is durable but doesn’t cost much. This way, I have no worries if it gets lost. You can find disposable sippy cups at tons of stores so stock up.
  9. A camera. When my daughter started childcare, I was so concerned about missing important moments. Although her school uses their own camera to take pictures, they suggested I bring in my own and just leave it in her cubby with her name on it. That way I would have access to the pictures more quickly. It was a great idea and I am so grateful they suggested it.
  10. A favorite toy. They need a comfy toy that can keep them company during nap time, but you may want to try something new because a favorite toy from home may require you to bring the toy back and forth everyday.

Wishing you the best with your fall preparation, and I hope this list helps.

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