10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the New Mom

If you’ve got a first-time mom to celebrate this Mother’s Day, here are 10 Mother’s Day gift ideas for the new mom to add to your shopping list this year. From the practical to the thoughtful, these new mom gifts will be sure to touch the heart of any new mom on her first Mother’s Day this year.

  • Mothers Day Gift Ideas for the New Mom

    Mothers Day Gift Ideas for the New Mom

    While the best gift of all for any new mom is having her little one for her first Mothers Day, there’s no reason you can’t celebrate her a little more with these practical and thoughtful gifts for new moms!

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  • Personalized Baby's Initial & Birthstone Necklace

    No matter where she is, a new mom will always carry her baby close to her heart, whether her little is in her arms or not. Celebrate her first Mothers Day with a sweet, personalized pendant with her baby’s initials and birthstone.

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  • Mommy's Wine Glass

    Nine months can seem like a long time for mom to go without her favorite glass of pinot grigio or cabernet. Raise a glass to your new mom by toasting her newfound freedom to have a few sips again! Pair this cheeky etched wine glass with her favorite bottle of wine that she’s been missing all these months.

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  • Personalized Photo Mug with Baby's Photo

    Rather than going for a more traditional gift like a photo frame, now mom can take her baby’s mug with her wherever she goes with this personalized photo mug with baby’s picture. Every sip she takes will bring a smile to her face with this gift!

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  • Pampered Pedicure

    Pampered Pedicure

    If mom has spent her nights walking back and forth in the nursery trying to get baby to sleep, show her tootsies some love by getting her a pampered pedicure at her favorite salon. And you can even give other tired, achy parts of her body a rest too when combining a pedicure with a reflexology massage on her feet, too!

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  • Bluetooth Headphones

    Bluetooth Headphones

    Now that mom has a little one to carry around, a pair of wireless, Bluetooth headphones makes a great gift for active moms on the go. Whether she wears them while out on a run or even while she’s nursing, untangle her listening habits by cutting the cord! Pair these headphones with a subscription to an audiobook service like for very special Mothers Day gift indeed!

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  • Comfy Pajama Set

    If your new mom and little one are still only a few months old, it can mean long nights with baby. Treat her right by gifting her a super soft comfy pajama set, something that’s great for lounging around the house.

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  • Chic Headbands

    Now that baby’s here, mom might not have the time to devote to hair and makeup that she once had. There’s no reason a new mom can’t feel pretty and a chic headband like this one from Hoopla Hoopla allows her to quickly throw this on with little muss or fuss in the mornings while still looking gorgeous.

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  • Lavender Buckwheat Aromatherapy Pillow

    Help ease your new mom into a dreamy night’s sleep with a lavender and buckwheat aromatherapy pillow. The buckwheat husks conform to mom’s neck and shoulders while the heady scent of lavender is known to put many a tired mom to sleep.

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  • Some Much Needed Quiet Time!

    Sometimes the best gift is the simplest: give mom a much needed break by hiring a sitter for the day or offering to watch baby for her. Being a new mom is some seriously hard work and as much as she loves baby, mom needs to have a little time for herself, too. After all: happy moms mean happy babies!

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  • Mom's Personal Tablet

    Mom's Personal Tablet

    A new mom might not have time to sit down and enjoy a couple of hours just surfing the web at her desktop or even laptop computer. Perfect for moms on the go, a tablet computer lets her take her books, web, videos and music wherever she goes! And with their increasingly slim design, most tablets can fit right into mom’s diaper bag or purse, barely taking up any additional space!

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New moms: What do you want for Mother’s Day this year? Share your wishlist in the comments!

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