My 10 Favorite Laugh-Out-Loud Baby Pics!

By now, you know I love baby feet, but my daughter’s giggles, her gummy smile, and belly laughs are just as irresistible. Even at 2 a.m. when she wants to play, I can’t help but give in and tickle her or encourage her laughter.

That’s when you truly realize, they just love you, they are happy when they see you, and they have a wonderful and secure life next to you, their mama. Who can resist such sweetness? I know that I can’t!

Here are some of my favorite laugh-out-loud moments with Little L — because babies really do LOL!

  • Mami, you crack me up!

    Mami, you crack me up!

    It was one of those days when I wanted her to nap, but she kept on giggling. In the end, she won me over. As usual!

  • That's a good one!

    That's a good one!

    That morning, anything I did resulted in full-on laughter. You can’t help but keep going … just look at that face!

  • So funny, it's blurry!

    So funny, it's blurry!

    She was waving her arms with such excitement and making herself laugh even more. We like to call her “the blur” because she moves so much, it’s hard to get a still shot.

  • Keep the jokes coming!

    Keep the jokes coming!

    Apparently what we were saying was so funny, she did the laugh out loud and tilted her head back. In the end, we all laughed with her … it’s just contagious!

  • Coming down from a big laugh

    Coming down from a big laugh

    “Ohhhh, mami…stop making me laugh!” Here she was coming down from a big laughing session. She was still laughing, but it was turned down a notch — so cute. I think she wore herself out!

  • Unstoppable laughter!

    Unstoppable laughter!

    This time her big brother M was making faces and funny noises. She suddenly belted out a huge laugh and started kicking her feet and swinging her arms. He always makes her laugh!

  • Pay attention to me!

    Pay attention to me!

    Here she was trying to get our attention after being placed in her pack ‘n’ play. I was cleaning up the living room and she just kept on with her baby talk and giggles. I looked at her and she went into a giggle fit!

  • Belly laughs

    Belly laughs

    Now that she’s enjoying tummy time more, she likes to try to crawl, and naturally, it makes her laugh. That day, she was as happy as can be exploring the new side of the living room.

  • 2:00 am laughs

    2 a.m. laughs

    This was taken after she woke up at 2:00 am and was in full “I want to play mode.” Look at her fresh face and cute grin. I finally gave in and we ended up having a cuddle and giggle fest. Until I was just too tired.

  • Wet laughs

    Wet laughs

    She was laughing so hard, she was slobbering! Funny and messy all at once.



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