10 Ideas for Creating Ramadan and Eid Traditions with Baby

Whether you’re the mother of a newborn, or mama to a toddler on the cusp of growing into the preschool age, now is a perfect time to start Ramadan and Eid traditions. Yearly holiday traditions give children something wonderful and familiar to look forward to. They generate magical memories from childhood, and eventually get passed on to future generations.

Listed are 10 exciting and meaningful traditions to begin with your baby starting this Ramadan and Eid.

  • Ramadan and Eid Traditions

    Ramadan and Eid Traditions

    There’s no time like the present! Click through for 10 awesome ideas to begin Ramadan and Eid traditions with your little ones.

  • New Moon

    New Moon

    Ramadan begins when the tiny sliver of the new moon is visible. Families drive to the top of hills and mountains to get an unobstructed view of the sky in an attempt to spot the new moon.

    Seeing the new moon with the glittering city lights below is nothing short of magical. Pack hot cocoa and you have yourself the perfect start for Ramadan.

  • Get Festive

    Get Festive

    Nothing excites little ones more than fun and festive decorations throughout the house!

    Make the house look extraordinary with any of these Ramadan and Eid decoration options.

  • Pay It Forward

    Pay It Forward

    Ramadan is the time to increase your good deeds and reap the soul-pleasing benefits of paying it forward.

    Check out this list of good deeds and acts of kindness that you and your littles can participate in.

  • Let's Read

    Let's Read

    Parent and child reading time is an excellent way to bond. Read and reread your favorite Ramadan and Eid books each year to rekindle special memories of year’s past.

    Check out this list of fantastic Ramadan and Eid books to begin reading with your little one.

  • Something Sweet

    Something Sweet

    Every culture holds dear to a special cookie recipe made specifically for Ramadan and Eid. Bake your family’s favorite traditional cookie recipe and remember to share with friends and family!

    Alternatively, bake sugar cookies and use Ramadan and Eid inspired cookie cutters to create festive treats.

  • Family Dinner

    Family Dinner

    During Ramadan, friends and family come together to break fast. These gatherings teach your baby to be a generous and gracious host, as well as a sharing and helpful guest.

  • Special Memories

    Special Memories

    Find a special and sentimental craft project that you can create with your baby each year to commemorate each Ramadan and Eid spent together.

    This can be anything from a salt dough ornament to the popular hand print art projects.

  • Lovely Threads

    Lovely Threads

    It is suggested to wear new or your very best clothes to celebrate Eid. Eid is a time to celebrate and enjoy all of the hard work that was put into having a successful Ramadan.

    Select beautiful, yet comfortable, clothing for your baby to avoid any fussiness during the day.

    Save Baby’s first Eid outfit as a special keepsake to gift to them after they’ve had their own child.

  • Yearly Pictures

    Yearly Pictures

    Now that Baby is flaunting their new threads, take pictures! Choose a prop or part of your home that will always be included in future year’s pictures.

    Every Eid I put out wooden letters that spell out “Eid Mubarak” on my mantel. I have taken a picture of my daughters every single Eid since they were born by those letters. It’s so wonderful to look back at those images.

  • Offer Prayers

    Offer Prayers

    Since Baby is all dressed up, give them somewhere to go! Attending Eid prayers is a magical experience for Baby!

    Everyone is dressed in their finest clothing, in a gorgeous spectrum of colors. The sounds of jingling bangles on little girls’ arms and children laughing fills the area. The aroma of sweet treats and tasty savories float through the air.

    It’s an amazing sensory experience not to be missed.

What Ramadan and Eid traditions do you currently take part in with your family?

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