10 Handmade Gifts for Mother’s Day

One of my most memorable Mother’s Day gifts I’ve ever received is a picture frame my oldest daughter made me. I still have it sitting on my dresser. It’s been there since the day she gave it to me two years ago.

While it’s nice to get a piece of jewelry or a bag you’ve been eyeing for a while, it’s even more special to receive something that your little one contributed too. I usually always get my kids involved in making something for my mom for Mother’s Day. It’s always so nice to hear how excited and genuinely thankful she is when she receives their gifts.

With Mother’s Day less than a week away, you still have plenty of time for your little one’s to make a very special gift. Whether it’s for their grandmother or their own mom, she will sure love the special love that went into making these gifts.

Here are ten of my favorite handmade gifts that are easy for your little ones to help make for mom:

  1. Baby’s Footprint Necklace
  2. Hand Painted Mother’s Day Card with Photo 
  3. Picture Flower Bouquet Flower Planter 
  4. Baby Letter Photo that Spells Happy Mother’s Day
  5. Photo Tile Coasters
  6. Handprint Flower with Photo 
  7. Mother’s Day Kisses Jar 
  8. Photo Pendant 
  9. Handprint Charm 
  10. Message in a Jar 


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