10 Hacks to Help You Through Summertime with Little Ones

It is officially summer and I couldn’t be more excited! This is the first year I’ve had a kiddo in school (pre-K) for the entire school year. I must say, I missed seeing KJ throughout the day — so I want to make the most of having him home each day for the summer!

With summertime comes pool days, beach trips, days at the park, and all things fun-in-the-sun. But with that, you have to be careful about sunburns, bug bites, and extra laundry from all the swimsuits. So, I wanted to share my summertime tips to help you have your best summer ever!

1. Use orange oil to keep bugs away. Bugs aren’t a huge deal in the winters here in Arkansas because most of them die off after the first freeze. But come summer, they are out in full force. My aunt in Texas told me to pick up some orange oil at the store and spray it around my door frames. It can also kill those pesky little ants that sometimes get in your kitchen in the summer.

2. Consider sesame oil as an alternative to sunscreen. It isn’t super high in SPF, so I wouldn’t use it for an all-day adventure, but for small spurts, it is perfect. It also has antibacterial agents in it, so it’s good for cuts or scrapes.

3. Be sure to use a good, double-insulated sippy cup for your little one. This will keep their drink colder for much longer and help to cool them off when they’ve been playing outside.

4. Try coconut oil on your skin after a day at the pool. Whenever I swim, my hands get so dried out from all the chemicals in the pool water. At night, after I’ve showered and gotten ready for bed, I lather a bunch of coconut oil on my hands and rub it in well. It soaks right up and I can tell my hands need it. Plus, it smells super yummy!


5. Trap fruit flies with apple cider vinegar. Have you ever seen those fruit flies hovering around your bananas in the kitchen? My momma calls them gnats. Well, whatever they are, they are annoying! To get rid of them, simply take a cup, pour in apple cider vinegar until the cup is half full, cover it tightly with plastic wrap, and then put a rubber band around the plastic wrap to keep it tight at the top. Then poke about eight holes in the taut plastic wrap with the end of a toothpick. When the fruit flies smell the vinegar, they’ll go over to investigate and enter the plastic wrap — and then will be unable to get out. It works for me every time!

6. Use a purple shampoo on blonde hair after swimming. If you are blonde like me, then you must understand the constant worry of your hair turning green after swimming in a pool. The solution to that is to purchase a purple shampoo and use it when you shower after swimming. It brings out the whiter tones of your blonde hair, and prevents your hair from turning green or brassy. Only use it twice a week though, or your hair will actually turn white!

7. Make your own popsicles. If your little ones are anything like mine, then they LOVE popsicles. However, most popsicles are loaded with sugar and food dyes with no actual nutrients. Instead of feeding them that sort of stuff, try buying some popsicle molds at your local store and filling them with pieces of fresh fruit and juice. You can make a bunch of different flavors, like strawberry, apple, orange, and grape.

8. Try reusable snack bags. I am an over-packer, even when its just a trip to the park or the pool. That’s why I love reusable snack bags! They hold a good amount of snacks and keep the food from getting sandy or wet because of the way they are made. Plus, some of them are so cute! My boys like to pick which bag they use and get to fill it with whatever they pick from the pantry.

9. Take an umbrella stroller out on special days. If you are heading off for a family vacay to a theme park, such as Walt Disney World, then you will definitely want a comfy stroller for your baby that has a good-sized canopy on the top.

10. Create an activity jar. A friend of mine told me that she does an activity jar for the summer. She sits down and comes up with fun summer activities like a trip to the zoo, a movie night with popcorn and ice cream, a cake baking party, a day trip to Disney, etc. They draw an activity out of the jar each Sunday evening and then decide on the day that week to complete that activity. It gives her little ones something to look forward to each week and makes family time a necessity. I love that idea.

I hope you get to spend a lot of time creating magical memories with your little ones this summer. And I hope these tips help it to go smoothly!

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