10 Good Deeds & Acts of Kindness Baby Can Participate In During Ramadan & Beyond

Ramadan is a time for Muslims to improve themselves and to show kindness and generosity to all. The goal is to take on extra good deeds that eventually become a habit to continue all year long. It’s never too early to start participating in good deeds and acts of kindness! Set a strong and solid foundation for your baby to grow up to be a generous and kind citizen in society.

This list includes meaningful acts that you can start implementing with your baby today. Find acts that speak to you, and step out of your comfort zone to practice good deeds that you normally wouldn’t consider.

  • 10 Good Deeds and Acts of Kindness

    10 Good Deeds and Acts of Kindness

    Introduce Baby to the wonderful spirit of giving and contributing to society with these 10 good deeds and acts of kindness that Baby can participate in. Click through and find the ones that you want to start today!

  • Acts of Charity

    Acts of Charity

    Select a charity that you strongly believe in to show support for their organization and work. Make a monetary donation in Baby’s name.

    Remember, what goes around comes around! That includes good deeds and acts of kindness!

  • Help an Orphan

    Help an Orphan

    One of the best deeds a Muslim can participate in is taking care of an orphan. Again, donate in Baby’s name towards helping support an orphan’s housing or education.

    Keep this up each year and explain to your little one as they grow how it’s important to want for others, the same things you want for yourselves.

  • Tree-Hugger


    Consider this the good deed that keeps on growing! It’s believed that as long as any living thing benefits from a tree you’ve planted — whether it’s through the fruit it carries, shelter, or shade — you will continuously receive a reward throughout your life.

    Choose a tree that has special meaning to you and let Baby get their hands in the dirt to set the soil. Be sure to photograph your little one by the tree each year to see how they grow!

  • Good Kitty

    Good Kitty

    Showing kindness towards animals is highly regarded in Islam. Show Baby the correct way to pet animals. No poking eyes or pulling tails!

    Offer clean water for wild birds and your neighbor’s cat that keeps coming to your yard. Baby will delight in the live entertainment in the backyard.

    Just remember to never leave Baby alone unattended with any animal.

  • Safe Paths

    Safe Paths

    Taking a walk through the neighborhood with your toddler? Remove rocks and twigs off of sidewalks and walkways to avoid anyone tripping and falling.

    It will soon become a game for Baby! The first one to put the pine cone off to the side, wins!

    Obviously, do not let Baby handle any dangerous items with sharp edges.

  • One For You, One For Me

    One For You, One For Me

    Does Baby have a book or toy they really, really love? Purchase a duplicate and donate it to a local children’s shelter. Baby knows best what other babies like.

    Try to always instill the intention and action of wanting for others the same things you want for yourselves.

  • Feeding Others

    Feeding Others

    Find a local food bank and donate your time and energy in helping out. How is Baby included? Strap Baby into a carrier and let them take in the sights and sounds of physically helping others.

  • Hello, Mr. Rogers

    Hello, Mr. Rogers

    Another wonderful deed that is highly encouraged in Islam, is for Muslims to be kind, friendly, and helpful to their neighbors.

    Teach your baby to smile and wave whenever they see the neighbors, just as if they were family!

    Have Baby by your side as you roll in your neighbor’s garbage cans or bring them their newspaper to their doorstep.

  • Hand Me Downs

    Hand Me Downs

    We all know that Baby grows up way too fast! {sniffle} Put all of those perfectly good, hardly worn, super adorable outfits to good use by donating them to a baby in a lower income family.

  • Charity Theme Party

    Charity Theme Party

    Let’s be honest, your baby is pretty clueless about the festivities taking place during their first birthday party. By the end of the night, all they’ll remember is how good their smashed cake tasted.

    Use Baby’s first birthday as an opportunity to give back in your baby’s honor. Ask guests to donate to a charity, bring gifts that will be donated to a shelter, or pledge to perform a random act of kindness on Baby’s behalf.

What good deeds or acts of kindness do you hope your baby will grow to participate in and love?



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