10 Funny But True Signs That You’re a New Mom


New moms. You can spot us from a mile away, right? (Did my drool-cnew mom holds 1 week old babyovered shirt give me away?)

Here are the top 10 (funny but true) signs that you’re a new mom…

1. You’ve got a stack of baby nursing/sleeping/swaddling books so high, you could use it as a side table (and maybe you do!)

2. You finally get around to doing your hair and are amazed at how long it is. But really it’s just that you haven’t seen it down in months.

3. You choose outfits based on how easily they hide drool and spit up stains. Black cotton shirt? Yes. Silk floral blouse? Not so much.

4. All of your clothes are stretchy.

5. You’ve mastered the art of making bottles, shopping, and getting dressed with just one hand.

6. You now consider sleeping in till 8:00 a.m. a “luxurious morning.”

7. Watching the news coverage of parents in the stands during the Olympics made you cry uncontrollably.

8. Your toes need a pedicure like whoa.

9. You’ve been out shopping 3 times and each time you end up coming back with things for the baby instead of for yourself. (How can you resist though? Shopping for baby things is way more fun than for non-maternity jeans.)

10. Your heart actually aches with love. A new overwhelming emotion overtakes you daily and you realize that your heart has grown in ways you never thought were even possible.

Welcome to motherhood.

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