10 DIY & Handmade Baby Items Inspired by Fall Leaves

Visiting the East Coast during fall, to watch the vibrant display of the changing leaves, is towards the very top of my bucket list. Having been born and raised in Southern California, I’ve only heard about and watched through pictures, the dramatic turning of leaves back east. Here in California, our leaves eventually change color, but at a snail’s pace and with much less excitement or fanfare, because before a tree’s leaves can usually change, they’ve all but fallen off. It’s a sad state of affairs, but at least we have sunshine most of the year to console us. At any rate, this Southern Californian is mildly obsessed with pretty fall leaves that range the color spectrum of burnt orange to dazzling scarlet, and when you combine such natural beauty with the sweetness of babies, well I pretty much can’t handle the cuteness. Take a look at 10 fall leaf inspired DIY’s and handmade items I found online. I may not be able to visit the East Coast for a few years, but at least these amazingly cute items will hold me over.

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