10 Disney Trick-or-Treat Bags Perfect for Baby!

We parents are a cute and funny bunch. We often get into the spirit of all things baby, even if baby really has no idea what’s going on. It’s silly but also special to get baby involved in our celebrations as young as just a few days old, and starting these traditions, even if baby doesn’t understand them, is still meaningful and important. I shared with you earlier this week, Hayden’s first Halloween costume experience, as a tiny little Yoda. And while at just a few weeks old, he didn’t even stay up long enough to go trick-or-treating, this year, he’ll be joining in on the family fun for sure! To help him feel included, and because he’s showing so many signs of wanting to be just like us, we’re getting him his first trick-or-treat bag. Sure, he’s still too young to enjoy the loads of candy he’ll score, but he’ll still love having his own bag to hold in his lap, and he’ll use it for the next several years. Here are 10 adorable Disney trick-or-treat bags, perfect for baby and toddler!

  • Trick Or Treat Never Looked So Sweet!

    Trick Or Treat Never Looked So Sweet!

    Click through to see 10 adorable Disney treat bags, perfect for your little one’s first, or second Halloween! Adorable options for both boys and girls!

  • Sofia The First

    Featuring sturdy yet soft felt fabric and a easy to grip handle, this trick or treat bag is fully lined and ready for candy gathering action! Complements the Sofia the First costume perfectly!

    Sofia The First Treat Bag

  • Minnie Mouse Treat Bag

    Standing nice and tall, this bag is made of soft felt and is fully lined to protect the candy load. Complements any little costume your cutie could wear! Also, now on sale, so hurry before they’re sold out!

    Minnie Mouse Treat Bag

  • Cinderella Treat Bag

    Your little princess will have a ball carrying this lovely Cinderella trick or treat bag. Made of sturdy felt but with plenty of soft lining and sparkly details to keep the most discriminating of princesses happy all night long. Also on sale, so hurry and pick one up!

    Cinderella Treat Bag

  • Jake and the Neverland Pirates Treat Bag

    Nice and sturdy to hold the heaviest of loot, this Jake and the Neverland Pirates treat bag is the perfect complement to your little matey’s first Halloween costume. Also fully lined to keep the bounty safe!

    Jake and the Neverland Pirates Treat Bag

  • Ariel Treat Bag

    The shell design with scalloped edges and sparkly details is the perfect carry all to catch plenty of treasures on Halloween night! Fully lined to keep them all safe too! Also, now on sale so grab one before they’re gone!

    Ariel Treat Bag

  • Tinker Bell Treat Bag

    Made of strong and soft felt, and adorned with lovely ribbons, flower trims and layers of chiffon, this little treat bucket will hold a mountain of fairy dust, with plenty of room left to hold Halloween treasures.

    Tinker Bell Treat Bag

  • Mike and Sulley Treat Bag

    Scary and cute, this trick or treat bag features your two favorite Monsters Inc. characters Sulley and Mike. Each side shows a different face, and is the perfect spooky fun catch-all for baby’s Halloween night.

    Mike and Sulley Treat Bag

  • Disney Princess Treat Bag

    Can’t decide which Princess is your favorite? Now you don’t have to with this special castle treat bag, featuring all of your favorite Disney princesses. Made of sturdy felt and fully lined, your little one will have a royally good time carrying this around on Halloween night.

    Princesses Treat Bag

  • Spider Man

    Your night will be filled with superheros and goblins, with this awesome Spider Man treat bag. Fully lined and nice and sturdy, your little wall crawler will have a webtastic time on Halloween night with this bag in tow

    Spider Man Treat Bag

  • Rapunzel Treat Bag

    With a braided handle and sparkling jewels, this Rapunzel treat bag is both functional and adorable. Nice and sturdy, and fully lined, all your little ones tower of treats will be well protected.

    Rapunzel Treat Bag

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