10 Disney Treats For Your Sweet Little Valentine

Can you believe Valentine’s Day is almost here? Neither can I! My little ones and I have been scouring the internet for sweet treats and fun recipes to make and came across these 10 delicious Disney-inspired treats.

The beauty of each and every one of these ideas is that they are all quick and easy to make, yet they look as though they took hours. Although these are all ideal for Valentine’s Day, they would also be perfect for a Disney or Mickey-themed baby shower.

From my experience, each and every recipe from Disney Family has worked out beautifully and have proven to be very kid-friendly. This year, we will be testing a few of these out with a 17-month-old toddler in tow. It’s never too early to don a chef’s hat and apron. Besides, all the dipping and decorating is good practice. Wish us luck! ;)

  • Mickey's Chocolate Dipped Valentines

    Mickey's Chocolate-Dipped Valentines

    Ideal for Valentine’s Day and perfect for a Mickey-themed baby shower, these chocolate-dipped cookies will be a showstopper at any event. How cute are those buttons?

  • WALL-E Valentine Cookies

    WALL-E Valentine Cookies

    I have yet to meet one person who didn’t fall in love with WALL-E’s charm. These adorable cookies look intricate yet if you click through to the recipe you”ll see they are actually quite simple (and quick) to prepare!

  • Strawberry Rosebuds

    Strawberry Rosebuds

    Candy coated strawberries are a fun project for toddlers and double up as a delicious (and romantic) treat. Find out how to make these ‘rosebuds’ inspired by Princess Aurora on

  • Tink's Tiny Valentine Cookies

    Tink's Tiny Valentine Cookies

    These bite-sized glittery treats are dusted with Tink’s magical fairy dust. A cute treat for your little Valentine.

  • The Red Queen's Kisses

    The Red Queen's Kisses

    Pucker up! Inspired by the Red Queen’s rosy heart-shaped lips, these sweet iced cookies offer a nod to one of the most beloved Disney films while sending a message of love to your sweet.

  • Dalmatian Cookies

    Dalmatian Cupcakes

    Those loveable spotted dogs we all adore are the reason Anita and Roger met during that fated day at the park, bringing true love together. These canine-inspired cupcakes can do just the same for you and your sweetheart. They are super fun to make with little ones too!

  • Piglet's Valentine Cupcakes

    Piglet's Valentine Cupcakes

    Piglet is such a positive little fellow and is always trying to look at the positive in every situation. Show a ‘lil love with a homemade Piglet cupcake this Valentine’s Day.

  • Minnie's Polka Dot Heart Cookies

    Minnie's Polka-Dot Heart Cookies

    Inspired by Minnie’s favorite dress, these heart-shaped polka dotted cookies are the perfect Valentine. Find the recipe on

  • Sweetheart Spaghetti Cupcakes

    Sweetheart Spaghetti Cupcakes

    These cupcakes although quirky hold true sentiment for me and my hubby. Lady and The Tramp will always be my favourite Disney movie. Coincidentally it is my husband’s too! And that spaghetti scene? Gets us every single time.

    Find the recipe on

  • Tiana's Heart To Heart Cookies

    Tiana's Heart-To-Heart Cookies

    Sandwich cookies are a favourite in our house and so is Princess Tiana. Coincidentally, she is the proprietress of one of New Orleans favourite restaurants, which makes these heart cookies quite fitting for February 14th.

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