10 Differences Between Having One Child and Two

All throughout my second pregnancy, I wondered about how our lives would change with the addition of a second child.

Would she be similar to my first baby? Would I love her as much as I did my first? Would it rock my world or would it be a smooth transition?

Our lives definitely did change in some ways with a second child (less sleep — I hate to be the one to break it to you), but in other ways it was a very smooth change (a toddler is harder than a newborn, at least for me!).

Here are 10 ways our lives are different with two children, compared to one:

  • Having More Babies after a First Child

    Having More Babies After a First Child...

    How could I ever love another child as much as you? I’ve had the perfect child – might as well stop while I’m ahead.

  • Having More Babies after a Second Child

    Having More Babies After a Second Child...

    I could have all the babies! I love BOTH of my children so so much, imagine how much I’d love ten children.

  • Naps for one child

    Naps for One Child...

    Keep taking two naps a day for as LONG as you’d like. Until you go to kindergarten, that sounds good to me.

  • Naps with two children

    Naps with Two Children...

    Two naps (or three naps!) a day makes it hard to go anywhere. How soon are you going to drop that morning nap and go to just one a day?

  • Babysitting with One Child

    Babysitting with One Child...

    I felt like it was pretty easy to ask someone to watch my child. It’s just one child. And if she was down for the night, it was a piece of cake.

  • Babysitting for Two Children

    Babysitting for Two Children...

    Now asking someone to watch BOTH of my girls seems either extremely expensive or like the biggest favor on earth. And even if it’s bedtime, the chances of one of them waking up is much bigger.

  • Running errands with one child

    Running Errands with One Child...

    When I had one child, running errands with her seemed like a big hassle. In and out of the carseat, in and out of the cart, etc.

  • Running errands with two children

    Running Errands with Two Children...

    Now that I have two children, if I only have ONE of them (doesn’t even matter which one!) while I run errands? It’s like nothing. So fast and easy.

  • Hand Me Downs for a first baby

    Hand-Me-Downs for A First Baby...

    Do I want hand-me-downs? How about all brand new things for my sweet perfect baby?

  • Hand Me Downs for a second baby

    Hand-Me-Downs for A Second Baby...

    Hand me downs are the best thing ever! I will take all of them. Plus a few more.

  • Entertaining one child

    Entertaining One Child...

    If my child needed entertainment, I was it. It was totally up to me to be the horse and pony show.

  • Entertaining two children

    Entertaining Two Children...

    Now, they (sometimes) entertain each other. It’s a beautiful thing.

  • Milestones for a first child

    Milestones for a First Child...

    Let’s practice! How early can you reach the next milestone? Videos of everyone!

  • Milestones for a second child

    Milestones for a Second Child...

    No rush, little one. Take your time. It’s pretty convenient that you can’t crawl yet. Or walk.

  • Night Sleep with One Child

    Night Sleep with One Child...

    Once they finally start sleeping through the night, you mainly sleep through the night every night. And it’s a beautiful thing.

  • Night Sleep with Two Children

    Night Sleep with Two Children...

    Any time you sleep through the night is a major, major miracle. Your chances of getting woken up haven’t just doubled, they’ve quadrupled (night potty training – need I say more?).

  • A newborn as your only child

    A Newborn As Your Only Child...

    A baby is so much work! This is tough stuff.

  • The newborn stage for a second child

    A Newborn As Your Second Child...

    A newborn is so easy! They need almost nothing! And they are so snuggly.

  • Your first child growing up

    Your First Child Growing Up...

    So exciting! So thrilling!

  • A second baby growing up

    Your Second Child Growing Up...

    My heart is breaking! Slow down! Stay a baby forever.

How did your life and parenting style change with subsequent children? 

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