10 Boy Names That Work for Girls Too

What’s in a name? Today more than ever, parents have so much flexibility with their choices for baby names. A popular trend in baby naming is unisex names, or even better, hijacking a name from the opposite sex. I, for one, think that this trend is super fun and can open up all kinds of doors for name creativity. Read on for 10 oh-so-popular girl names that we stole from the boys… (and if you want boy name ideas, be sure to check out 10 Girl Names That Work for Boys Too!).

cute flanel baby shirt

1. Emmerson (I kind of adore this one)

2. Morgan

3. Taylor

4. Jordan

5. Blair

6. Brooke

7. Jo (leave off the traditional “e” for a girly spelling)

8. Parker

9. Peyton

10. Casey

Any great names that need to be added to the list?


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