10 Toddler-Friendly Things on Our Spring Bucket List


In my opinion, spring is the perfect season for babies and toddlers! The weather is pleasant, and all the gorgeous greenery and flowers blooming everywhere puts everyone in a wonderful moToddler Spring Bucket Listod. It’s a perfect time for toddlers to get moving outdoors. A magical time to explore!

Here’s what I’m most looking forward to with my baby Z.

1. Planting in the garden. Z loves digging around in the dirt. Little does she know that her playtime will yield yummy veggies in the summer.

2. Nature walks. Leave it to a toddler to stop and smell the flowers. They’ll be plenty to stop to enjoy during spring!

3. Splashing in puddles. We’re looking forward to those April showers!

4. Homemade bubbles. Spring will be the perfect time to test out a homemade bubble mixture to create huge bubbles.

5. Visit a farm. Now’s the time to go and visit the baby animals newly born and enjoy the tiny new lives.

6. Pleasant park days. Z loves, loves the park. What toddler doesn’t? With warmer temperatures, she’ll enjoy her day much more.

7. Picnic at the park. While at the park, a picnic would be perfect!

8. Messy crafts. All the messy projects I’ve wanted to do with Z can now be done outside. No need to stress about mess and clean up is easy.

9. Muddy playtime. Cool, squishy, and messy is exactly what a toddler is looking for!

10. Family walks. Before the weather cooled down, we would take family walks including bikes and the wagon. Now that the temperatures are going to be warm enough, we can resume the walks. They’ll be the perfect way to savor our moments as a family of 5 and help prepare me for the delivery of #6!   `

What’s on your spring bucket list with your toddler?

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