11 Magical Moments Between Siblings

I have loved watching my girls relationship grow in the past two years. They are absolute best friends and love being around one another. When I found out I was expecting a little boy, I wondered how the girls were going to react and what the relationship was going to be like between the three of them. Thankfully they have both welcomed their little brother with open arms and love being around him. One of my favorite things to do is just sit back and watch them interact with him. Their love for one another is incredible to watch.

Check out some of my favorite magical moments between all three of my children.

  • Avery Loves Her Brother

    Avery Loves Her Brother

    She insisted that I take this picture with my phone and show it to her right away. When she saw the photo she said “Brother is cute!”

  • First Night Home

    First Night Home

    This was our first night home as a family of five. The girls could not keep their hands off of him.

  • Loving on Him

    Loving on Him

    I put him down on the ground for some floor time and immediately the girls came up and laid down next to him.

  • Reading Macks a Book

    Reading Macks a Book

    One morning I walked in to find Avery “reading” a book to her brother. My heart melted.

  • Holding Hands

    Holding Hands

    This was one of my favorite shots from our newborn photo shoot. It shows how much love they have for one another.

  • Good Morning!

    Good Morning!

    Usually my husband gets up with the girls and lets me and the baby sleep in a little bit. Their favorite thing to do in the morning when he does wake up is come up and lay next to him to tell him good morning.

  • Kisses


    Another one of my favorite photos from Macks’ newborn photo shoot. He can never get enough kisses.

  • Meeting for the First Time

    Meeting for the First Time

    This was the moment all three met. I will cherish this in my heart forever.

  • Holding Him

    Holding Him

    My oldest daughter, Harlan, has mastered being able to hold him while sitting down and she loves every second of it.

  • I Love Brother

    I Love Brother

    Avery calls him “brother” and I found her this morning just telling him, “I love you, brother.”

  • Let's Play

    Let's Play

    Apparently he is never too young to play with dolls.

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