Witching Hour Exploits: Extreme Edition [Video]

Yesterday evening, my wife had a tennis match which means that yours truly had the honor of getting the kids through the dinner / bath / bedtime gauntlet. Our oldest was at her biological father’s which was a shame for me, because not only is she an absolute love, but she’s also an incredible help when it comes to taking care of her four younger siblings.

Still, last night everything went just fine, even without the help of our oldest. Hectic, as you might imagine would be the case in chasing after three 4-year-olds and an infant, but just fine nonetheless. I got everyone but our baby bathed before dinner, then served dinner, and once everybody was through eating, I bathed our baby while the triplets watched a little TV. All in all, the night went without event.

What a difference a few years make, because I’m here to tell you, it’s nowhere near as difficult for me now as it was back when the triplets were babies. Part of that, I suspect, is because I’ve had lots of practice. But part of that is also undoubtedly due to this: it’s easier to tend to one baby and three kids than it is to tend to three babies.

baby bath

Anyway, the relative ease with which I got through last night conjured up memories of a time when it wasn’t so easy – those early days of the triplets’ lives – the days in which it was all I could do to get through a similar situation in one piece. Those times were brutal, indeed.

But not just brutal. Funny, too. Which is why I decided to document one such occasion, a time my wife and my oldest were away when the triplets were just 18-months-old. I posted the video to my personal blog and was surprised at the reaction it drew, though such a reaction at least confirmed that I wasn’t the only one who found humor in our witching-hour exploits. Others found it funny, too.

And one such person was none other than Ashton Kutcher (not sure whether he found it on my blog or on YouTube) who not only stumbled upon the video, but also tweeted a link to it with the following words of encouragement:

i think you are doing a brilliant job @johncaveosborne

I saved the tweet to my favorites because, honestly, how many times does one get such a nice note from someone like Ashton Kutcher? And I couldn’t have been happier that my cyber-brush with fame happened in the context of fatherhood.

Anyway, I watched the video last night after everyone was down to remind myself of how hard (and funny) the witching hour used to be for us. That’s when it dawned on me that you might enjoy watching it, too. So I’ve embedded it below.

[youtube url=”″]

If you have some extreme witching hour exploits, let me know about them in the comments.

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